The 13 Most Impactful Questions to Ask?

Have you ever noticed how many questions small children ask?  They are so intensely curious about everything in their world. To a child, life is a daily adventure, they are thirsty to learn and ready to explore.   As time passes by I notice that thirst is quenched in most adults.  The more they build expertise, the more they know the less curious they become. What is that all about?

For a rare few a new thirst appears and their dreams that won’t subside.  They start to wonder again, this time about themselves.  It is through these extraordinary few that new ideas are birthed.  They realize their greatest challenge is staring at them in the mirror.  Intellectually they get it, there is provision for their vision, there is more than one way, there really is no obstacle keeping them from what they deeply desire, except themselves. They become curious about how they are thinking, who they are becoming and what they can do to see their dreams a reality.

The reality is the greatest leadership challenge is leading oneself to greatness.  When one decides to go for it, do what ever it takes others will be drawn in like magnets, thirsty to follow the one strong enough to relentlessly lead ones self.  People with resources, skills, needs that align with their vision start crossing their path.  To their delight, once they decide, a deep burning desire to see it through, everything in the world outside their influence starts aligning.  From the outside it may look easy they appear to be lucky.

I have found those who are the best leaders are best at asking themselves the toughest questions.  Think about the questions you asked this week how many were directed to you?  Imagine that every answer you need to take the next step already lies within you, you already have the answer that is best for you.  Dig deep, find the answer within instead of seeking the opinions of those you believe to be the expert.  Look in the mirror, YOU are the #1 expert on you. Be curious about you.

Below is a list of my favorite 13 questions.

1)    If I keep doing what I am doing today who will I become tomorrow?

2)    I wonder why I am resisting this?

3)    I wonder why I am internalizing this like this?

4)    What will I think about this 5 years from now?

5)    Whose voice did I give power to today?

6)    What did I learn today worthy of sharing with someone tomorrow?

7)    What thoughts did I leave with people today?

8)    What difference did I make today for those I love most?

9)    If today were my last day, how would my legacy play out?

10) What do I need to believe about myself to have the life I envision?

11) How am I withholding myself from living my best life?

12) If I were at my best what would I be doing right now?

13) I wonder why I think the way I think?

My challenge for you is to take just one of these questions, sit in a quiet place and ask yourself this question.  Become intensely curious about you, what you are thinking, what you wish you were thinking, who you are being, who you wish you were becoming, what you are doing and what you know you need to shift doing to be your best YOU?

Write down the answers that come to mind and act on them.  Be in awe of what is revealed next.

There is greatness in you shouting to be released. You were born to create, to make a difference.  Lead yourself to be your GREATEST YOU. The world needs you to show up NOW settling for nothing short of your best.