#1 Leadership Lesson from the ALS #ICEbucketCHALLENGE:

ONE can make a difference:

 “Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less.”
John C. Maxwell
 The ALS #ICEBUCKETchallenge was started by ONE and in just 28 days it has raised $79.7M to wipe out ALS. (As of Aug 25, 2014)

Who would have imagined that millions of people would willingly take a bucket of ice water, dump it over their head AND donate money to wipe out a disease many were not even familiar with.   A month ago, NOT ME!   And then yesterday, I did exactly what I couldn’t have imagined even a month ago.

I accepted the ice bucket challenge from my mentor Paul Martinelli who offered to match the donations of the first 50 of the John Maxwell Team members.  It was brilliant.  50 single $100 were instantly doubled for ALS, IF we decided to accept Paul’s challenge.

By doing our part and joining in with the team of those who have gone before us we get ‘permission’ to invite others to make a difference with us. Now our decision quadruples the impact.

Imagine how different the world would be if all leaders did their part and first modeled what they wanted others to do AND THEN they get permission to ask others to follow them.

Imagine what would be different about your organization if people freely chose to follow leaders because they believed in what the leader was modeling.

Would your organization transform from a ‘HAVE TO…”  to a ‘GET TO… ‘ culture?

Imagine the shift your customers would experience if your employees were having fun making a difference and realizing together they ARE already influencing others to make a difference, just because you modeled the difference you wanted to see.

Imagine what you are modeling today and it went viral like the ALS #ICEbucketCHALLENGE.  How would the headlines read?

and watch the multiplication power of your ONE.

REMEMBER the #1 Lesson: ONE Can Make a Difference WHEN:

  1. ONE decides to accept the challenge and take action by leading oneself
  2. ONE does what only ONE can do, his/her part
  3. ONE teams with others to serve a greater cause
  4. ONE invites others to make a difference with him/her
  5. ONE shares the FUN of serving the cause to brighten the day of those who haven’t decided yet and those who already took action.  
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi