#1 Reason Why What You See in the Mirror Today Matters in Achieving Your Vision.

Vision and goals are powerful, especially when written down and acted on.  They ARE key in declaring what we really want and yet I continue to wonder why even when goals ARE written down they still are not accomplished, when Visions are captured in full 3DHD anchored with passion and purpose they don’t appear to be as we envisioned them to be.

I used to think it had to do with consistent behavior changes that turned into habits and yet after being on a path for attaining healthy fit body for over two years the old me returned again.  A few pounds more than I was envisioning being.

Doesnt’ 30 days made a habit?  What was the cause of my cycling results?

I was doing all the right things, I was being faithful to the plan, yet eventually the results were not sustainable.  Sometimes they lasted a year, sometimes two.  Was it a matter of discipline? Self control? Perhaps, however one day, a few years ago I heard a mentor of mine say that man cannot outperform his own self image.  Could this be the cause of the cycle I was in without really realizing it?  Was my greatest obstacle deeply embedded within me, the image I truly held of myself on the inside?

I started reading Maxwell Maltz book Psycho-Cybernetics and was fascinated with how he discovered the power of our self-image. Maltz, a plastic surgeon discovered,

REASON: “Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment”.   

Photographs of his greatest plastic surgeon skills could not convince the patient’s self-image.  The inner image, self – image was in control.  The change had to come from within for one to really believe differently.

The more I read I became intensely curious about the impact of self-image on the success of my clients as well as my own success.  As much as we may want to we cannot will a sustainable change we first have to see ourselves differently, believe differently, and then behave differently for our results to be sustainable, outlast a season.

As I explored my own self-image I discovered that for most of my life I was seeing myself as someone who always needed to loose a few pounds.  I  “acted out” and “acted as if “ the image I had of me was who I was and eventually that image returned to be.  My self-image, like an autopilot, regulated my behavior towards a predefined goal, the old image I held of myself.  It won over the vision I held outside on my vision board.

Changing our self-image calls for facing what we see in the mirror and deciding to redefine the image internally before we can embrace the person the rest of the world sees.  Now with understanding how the sabotaging was happening I had a choice to make.  Redefine my self- image or be ok with where I was going to be according to my current self-image?

I began the work internally first, in full belief the external changes would occur.  I knew I could achieve the external,  I had become pretty good at that, this time though I wanted to sustain the results not cycle them.   I focus on new words to reprogram the image of who I AM.  Today I see strength, power, lean clean energy producing being in the mirror.

I speak this new image of who I AM over myself every day as I exercise.  I am reprogramming the image first internally.  I speak I AM ….  I believe I AM,  This is a now tense, not a will be someday description.  As I speak “I am strong” as I exercise, I feel my body respond with greater strength.  Externally I am seeing me change as I embed the “I AM” image of me internally.  I have created a string of I AM’s that empower me in all areas of my life.

 I AM strong, lean, pure energy producing being.

I AM chosen, I AM enough,…

I AM creative, I AM wise ……

I AM loving, I AM compassionate….  ….

I AM free to be, intentionally me

 When the old voices sneak up on me I say, that is interesting because I AM…  then speak my I AM…   Some days I have difficulty speaking my I AM.  I am too bombarded with dream killers so I push play,  MY voice speaks my I AM from my phone and I am energized and free to be, intentionally ME.

 What do you have to believe differently about yourself to achieve the Vision you created for your business, your marriage, your life?  

 One of the most effective tools my clients use is to declare their I AM….and then record it on their smart phone to play in the moments when the old voices show up trying to create fear uncertainty and doubt.

Declare your “I AM”

choose wisely and empower yourself with

the self-image you want to BE.