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6 Timeless Elements of Success

I find it fascinating that the greatest blog titles have numbers in them.  The 5 Steps to ….,  The 3 Reasons Why…,  5 Keys to Winning at…   We are seeking steps to follow in order  to reach our deepest desires.   As an avid reader of books, you know those words written on pages and bound […]

4 Most Important Questions a Leader Should Ask Himself Each Day

One of the biggest gaps I see across businesses and with leaders is Asking Powerful Questions.  In fact some only asked ‘why don’t they’ questions or ‘what have you done for me lately’ questions. 1.     Am I followable?  A leader does not choose who follows them, people decide whom to follow.  Often we confuse a […]

#1 Reason Why What You See in the Mirror Today Matters in Achieving Your Vision.

Vision and goals are powerful, especially when written down and acted on.  They ARE key in declaring what we really want and yet I continue to wonder why even when goals ARE written down they still are not accomplished, when Visions are captured in full 3DHD anchored with passion and purpose they don’t appear to […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Starting Over

The UGLY: Starting over is only fun if you intentionally chose to.  What I have learned is starting over is usually a result of a failure.  Something we envisioned didn’t work out as planned. For some of us it was a fall off our career plan, being laid off, fired, from failing a final certification […]

The 13 Most Impactful Questions to Ask?

Have you ever noticed how many questions small children ask?  They are so intensely curious about everything in their world. To a child, life is a daily adventure, they are thirsty to learn and ready to explore.   As time passes by I notice that thirst is quenched in most adults.  The more they build expertise, […]

Are You Living or One of the Walking Dead?

Are you entering your best, wisest years of you life or have you bought into the lie that you are too old to change, to think differently? Maybe you’re not even 40 or 50 yet, however you feel too old to live the life you envisioned when you were much younger.   When is too old, […]

Identity Theft and Why You Need to Reclaim Your Thoughts Now

The worse thing for a child is to grow up in a home where the parents have given up on their own dreams. As we abandon our dreams our inaction unintentionally tells our children, “what’s the point, your dreams don’t really matter, you’ll see as you grow up”. “Children are educated by what the grown-up […]

The Master Key to Getting Un-Stuck

Stuck stinks and no one likes being there, including me. The funny part is very few of us even call it being stuck, because we are, after all, really smart business people. We aren’t stuck, we have a plan, we have goals, if only they would just … I have sat in hundreds of executive […]

4 Reasons Why APRIL FOOLS DAY is the Best Day to Launch My Blog

1.  I’m writing because I like to think with other curious creative young minds. Last year I felt I should blog, so I started.  No discipline and in just a few short days I stopped. I stopped posting what I was writing and before long I stopped writing as well. I had bought into the […]