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This week I sent the alarms off in nearly every area of my life.  I had unintentionally lit fires and over complicated my already full calendar.  Please tell me, you have done the same at least once in your life ;0). Last night I hit the STOP button, PAUSED, and ASKED, Chris, What the heck […]

Reset to $0 – Breaking Free From Success to Significance

Often I hear people who are stuck in their limiting beliefs of lack. I don’t have the time, money, connections, education… I don’t know how to ….. I am not…. I am sure you may have caught yourself at least once in your life speaking these very same words.   I know I have on occasion, […]

I’m Curious, Are You?

Have you ever wondered …  Why fish live in schools and people only go to school for a few years? Whether stars are intentionally placed in a pattern in the sky that only you can see? How an astronaut walked on the moon with less computer capability than your smart phone? How a picture on […]

ME, ME, ME, What Ever Happened to the Gift of ‘I’?

Which is correct? ME and Dad played ball OR Dad and I played ball? ME and my kids are going to the movies OR My kids and I are going to the Movies? ME and partner launched a new breakthrough product OR My partner and I launched a new breakthrough product?   Technically if it […]

3 Steps I Took to Find My Burning Desire in Life

Ideas pop into my mind all the time.  Sometimes they are gone in a flash. Oh if only I had captured it before it faded into the clouds of my memory.  On fewer occasions a new idea appears and I begin to notice it’s familiarity, like a long lost friend.  I feel excitement leap from […]

STUCK on HOLD, Listening to Life in the Background?

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves, they therefore remain bound.”   James Allen   What does stuck look like for a successful business leader?  What I have found is it sounds something like this: I remember when I used to be excited when I walked through the front doors. […]

3 Things to THINK About When Making Tough Decisions

Typically I am a quick decision maker, however something was different this time.   I was struggling and I didn’t understand why the hesitancy.  Then I realized there was no clear answer. This decision landed smack in the middle of the BIG GREY area. I wondered what was different about this decision?  Then I realized this decision […]


I just hung up the phone and booked the fifth customer appointment for our CEO visit. I came into the hallway all jazzed.  Done!!!!   My colleagues looked at me like I had two heads.  Al said, “You have got to be kidding, you just walked in your office a few minutes ago and now you […]