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5 Steps to Bring Power into Your White Space

As I embraced my commitment to return to intentionally designing more White Space back into my Life I was reminded of the true power of this white space. The white space is that space that separates what you are intentionally doing.  Like the margins around a document, they surround what a person wants to draw attention […]

How Are You Designing Your White Space?

I was wrapping up a very full week the following question popped into my mind. “Chris, How are you using your white space? I had had a very productive week and the weekend was masterfully planned.  This thought obviously was not for me. Funny thing happened, this idea, the one I was trying to ignore, […]


One of the treasures of my life work is I get to hear the deep desires of business leaders.  I get to witness a transformation in their entire BEING as they describe their VISION for their organization, their team, and often for their life.  I have no doubt as we work together to extract a […]

Little Success Little Laughter

I was watching two adorable kids, my grandkids, look at each other and then explode in laughter. I flashed back a few decades to when I was a child laughing at the silliest things. I chuckled just recalling the giggles, the roars of laughter, and many times I was rolling on the floor laughing so […]

Habit or You Had Me At ‘Hello’ ?

I find people are so fascinating.  The words we use, the habits we form, and the norms we create. Some are culturally unique and some universal acceptable.  I have found traveling to many countries a simple hello or hi will get one of three responses: 1)    The person will turn away avoiding all contact 2)    […]

Over 40 Years of Love & Loyalty – PRICELESS

I was 13 the first time I laid eyes on him.  His dark brown eyes, his calming presence, and his funny southern drawl where just a bit of what intrigued me about this quiet handsome young man. We started to “go out” at 15 and I noticed a consistent and rare treasure deep in his […]

CLAP if You Are HAPPY !!!

Pharrell William’s song “HAPPY” energized the room as the new Bride and Groom exited the chapel. An entire room filled with wedding guests transform by end of the first word. Instantly the atmosphere in room was elevated far above any wedding I’ve ever experienced.  The roofed had been lifted, everyone was freed to be goofy, […]

Dr. Seuss – Inspires to READ? Compels to THINK?

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” Dr. Seuss  As I read to my grandkids I found myself drifting waaaaay back in time, way way back. How many of you, like me, were drawn into Dr. Seuss’s magical wacky worlds as a new reader? […]


It was December 2013, my husband and I were taking Ava, our 3 year-old granddaughter to her first movie at the theater. As we paid for the tickets, 3D glasses were placed in our hands and my mind immediately shot out, ”This is going to be interesting. I had no idea we were going to […]

Can You Hear Me NOW!!! – 5 Keys to Amplifying the Power in Your Voice

 “There is POWER in your voice, I want to hear THAT VOICE, the one deep within you crying to come out, the one capable of inspiring others to be their best.  There is GREATNESS within you.  I want to hear YOUR VOICE, the one NO ONE else can speak with”, echoed the booming voice of […]