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When is Too Late, Really Too Late?

In the midst of launching a brand new event to an entirely new market we found ourselves experiencing one setback after another. It was like we couldn’t even get out of the gate. ‘Were we even supposed to do this?’ one person asked. Doubt had already set in for him. For me, it was an […]

What Price Are You Willing to Pay?

I  spent an amazing 3 hours with a young woman passionate about making a difference in her family and for her passionate cause. As I looked into her eyes I could see how tired she was, how she was hanging on tight to do her absolute best. I could see a person wondering, is it […]

Leading Through FEAR

We were divided into three groups: Chicken Littles, the Middle of the pack, and the Extremes. Where do you think most people self-selected? Exactly – The Middle. What group would you have selected just by title alone, without knowing what we were doing? As we hit the course our mentor reminded us, ‘there is no […]


As I board the plane, I can hardly contain the excitement. I have been looking forward to this trip since the day I said, “Count me in”. Whether I’m heading to a special event or a long needed vacation, anticipation keeps me in a mode of consistent persistence, a super charged season of completion. Do […]

The Gift of Patience

I have to admit the day God was handing out patience, I was already off and running. I spent my entire career developing patience. Patience with people, patience with myself, patience with the process and then one day my manager told me I had too much patience and I needed to have a shorter fuse. […]

Can Art Improve Communications?

We think in picture yet most of us spend an average of twelve years learning English (or our native language) and only an hour once a week in Art class. I wonder how we would communicate differently if we had spent as much time in art class as we did in English (your native language) […]

When TODAY is All I GOT .

The squeeze had started and I was feeling the pressure, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Projects incomplete with deadlines rapidly approaching, new ideas for growing my business exploding in my mind, significant life events: weddings, graduations, birth of new kids, and x0th wedding anniversaries popping up on my calendar.   How could I possibly […]

If ONLY then WHAT?

If only I _____________________ then _____________________________ Everyone I have worked with has a picture of something they really want.  You may be picturing a fabulous vacation, new sports car, a new house, a better marriage, a closer family, new friends, a sculpted body, a new job or an ‘A’ team to run your company tripling […]

The Gift of A 3-Day Weekend

Have you ever wondered what shifts in your thinking as you approach a long weekend?  I have noticed behavior changes as people prepared to unplug from their routine for three days.  Some work more, some less, some play more, others get together with people to celebrate, and others just do something different from their typical 2 […]