3 Steps I Took to Find My Burning Desire in Life

Ideas pop into my mind all the time.  Sometimes they are gone in a flash. Oh if only I had captured it before it faded into the clouds of my memory.  On fewer occasions a new idea appears and I begin to notice it’s familiarity, like a long lost friend.  I feel excitement leap from within, “I’ve had this idea before and now it’s baaack with even more definition. I can’t wait to see them in 3DHD.

When the idea first flashed into my mind I wasn’t even close to being ready to act on it. I have found that a true desire of the heart will resurface over and over until it finds a way to be birthed.  The more curious I got, the more questions I asked and the more details were revealed to me. Then one day it was like a curtain was pulled back for only me to see. It was in that moment that all doubt was erased.  I knew this desire was the one I was created to bring into reality for such a time as this.

“ The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discovered why.” John Maxwell

Picture it this way:

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle filled with a thousand pieces and no picture exists on the cover of the box.  No picture – No Vision.

You now have a choice. SEEK to discover the picture or just put it on the shelf to collect dust. Never having a clue of what it might be.


Imagine sorting through the pieces until you find a few that fit together.  As you match a couple of pieces and a bit of the picture starts to appear, your energy increases.

“Look, it’s a face”. All of a sudden you are curious about who’s face it is. You start searching and SEEKing for more pieces because your mind is ASKing, “WHO is in the picture? “

As you continue to SEEK more pieces, the face gains clarity. At the same time you discover some of the pieces don’t connect even though everything about them indicates they should.

Now your curiosity increases and you SEEK to understand why the pieces don’t fit together.  There must be more to the picture.  If only I had the picture of the completed puzzle à If only we knew the 3DHD Vision for our life.


STEP TWO: REMAIN CURIOUS about what you are seeing. ASK who and what else is in the picture.

I found myself oscillating between confusion and excitement. I was gaining clarity in three very distinct areas and yet these areas appeared to be disconnected as if they belonged to three different puzzles instead of one.

Then one day my plans were interrupted in a big way, which prompted me to stop and reflect again asking, “WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?”  With more of the picture in mind through years of ASKING and SEEKING, I saw for the first time a connection form between all three areas.  The picture on the cover of the box was revealed. I knew the opportunity in front of me.  I knew the difference between an idea and a desire, the difference between a desire and a burning desire.

Now I am not silly enough to think the entire vision for my life was revealed to me on that day, however the connection of the three seemingly diverse areas morphing into one picture erased all confusion in my mind. Since that day there is a 3D HD picture appearing on a daily basis in my mind and I will not let that vision ever slip through my thoughts again.  I was ready to hold on tight and take action.


STEP THREE: ACT with PERSISTANCE on the opportunity revealed to you today and even MORE will be revealed in the future.

The 3 STEPs are a never-ending cycle.

This is not a 1, 2, 3 I am done.

THINK 1,2,3 rinse and repeat for the rest of your life and be excited as new things are revealed and your vision expands.

Ask and it will be given
Seek and you will find
Knock and the door will open.
 Act with persistence