3 Things to THINK About When Making Tough Decisions

Typically I am a quick decision maker, however something was different this time.   I was struggling and I didn’t understand why the hesitancy.  Then I realized there was no clear answer. This decision landed smack in the middle of the BIG GREY area.

I wondered what was different about this decision?  Then I realized this decision clearly affected others as much as it affected myself.  In fact, it could have a more profound impact on others if I chose best.

The 3 things I consider when faced with those tough choices.

 1)   Who is best served by each choice?  Put others before yourself – choose what is best for others and not just what appeals to me.

I have an extremely creative ability to see the good for all even when deep down I know they are good for others and BEST for myself.  I found for me this is the first question I ask myself to get real. When I Think or ask what is ‘BEST’ for others, I have found that without fail it ends up BEST for me as well.

2)   How will the decision impact a greater cause?

I remember helping to remove debris from a neighborhood the day after a tornado swept through it.  I will never forget the words of one of the homeowners.   They had a renewed faith in people because we came to help them.  It wasn’t about us it was about instilling hope into their future and the future of the community.  One day of my time translated into years of hope in people and in GOD.  There was nothing else I could have done that day that would have created that much impact and it will last for generations.

3)   Who will smile at your choice?

Sometimes this may be difficult to discern, especially when we are really close to the situation.  My filter is: If I choose A will my mother brag about my choice to others.  If this is a decision that I want to keep from my mother, then I know the right answer.  This one question has helped me learn how to choose best.

Sometimes I stop at question 1) and know I am doing what is best. Other times I need to examine my thinking all the way through all the 3 questions.  When I know I see the smile on the face of my Mother (figuratively) or GOD’s,  I know I have made the BEST choice for all.

Check the smiles you are visualizing, are they an affirmation of BEST choices?