4 Most Important Questions a Leader Should Ask Himself Each Day

One of the biggest gaps I see across businesses and with leaders is Asking Powerful Questions.  In fact some only asked ‘why don’t they’ questions or ‘what have you done for me lately’ questions.

1.     Am I followable? 

A leader does not choose who follows them, people decide whom to follow.  Often we confuse a position on the organization chart or a person with a title as the leader. A true leader is first great at self-leadership.  When we see a person invest in his own personal growth and become best at being himself we have a good candidate to follow. We see his model, he values himself and desire to be more. We then ask ourselves if we want to follow him as he grows and learns to be more?   Is he or she followable today and will they likely be followable tomorrow?  Do you living your growth plan?

2.     Would I follow myself?

Who is our worst critic, we are, right?  If we would not follow ourselves, we know where we have gaps in our conviction to our character.  We know our real intent behind our actions, we know our thoughts, even when we have become wise enough to keep quiet and not share them aloud. We know who we are being and how that aligns with who we project to be.   Crisis is a great revealer of character.  When adversity shows up our options become apparent and the path one choses reveals who they really are.  As a leader are you choosing compromise or character?  When we choose character we become stronger and will continue to choose ourselves.  When one chooses compromise one eventually looses self trust.  He sacrifices himself.  Sooner or later one will not even choose to follow the person he has become, a stranger to his heart.

 3.     Am I too BIG to follow?

Who comes first, you or your team, you or your vision, you or your customer, you or your family?  As a leader do you possess the confidence to serve others before yourself because you really want to help others succeed more than you want to win?  Who does your vision serve and for what purpose?  Can you see the needs before they even become apparent to the masses, do you initiate opportunities to serve and do so because that is the heart of who you are before the title of who you were appointed?   Do you lead with a servant’s heart or a commanded order? How would your child and your employee answers compare?

 4.     What am I Multiplying?

The greatest test for your legacy, what your life is multiplying is asking your mother if she is proud to share the story of your life with the global news.  Is your life story one both you and your mother proudly sign your name to?  What I have found is that the hero’s story is everyone’s favorite story.  It isn’t that we should be perfect or void of mistakes, even the most life altering choices can become the greatest hero story that impacts generations. Life is filled with lessons worthy of passing on to others. Let the fruit of your life create an opportunity to reshape future lives.  Develop leaders who develop leaders.  Lead beyond your life, the vision you can see as possible.  Lead a life that transforms the Vision of future generations.

Be a multiplier of greatness by first seeing greatness in your life. See the greatness in others and help reflect their greatness to empower them to lead others to do the same.  Decide whether you are a mirror that reflect the best in them, empower them to live and be more or if you will be a mirror that reflects only today’s imperfections.

Live the life of a true leader one who leads through today’s generations beyond what you will ever see in your lifetime.

Multiply greatness,  yours and everyone

you imagine meeting through your life story.