4 Reasons Why APRIL FOOLS DAY is the Best Day to Launch My Blog

1.  I’m writing because I like to think with other curious creative young minds.

Last year I felt I should blog, so I started.  No discipline and in just a few short days I stopped. I stopped posting what I was writing and before long I stopped writing as well. I had bought into the belief that I had to first be a great writer.  Fortunately for me the desire to create didn’t die, just my disciplined action did.

I asked myself, “what is going to be different this time?”  I really don’t want to be a stop and start again blogger, there to millions of those already. And then…

I read “The Writer’s Manifesto” by Jeff Goins. Jeff’s writing inspired me to ask myself, WHY write. Thank you Jeff for embracing into your greatness.

Check out Jeff’ Goin’s Writer’s Manifesto at  http://goinswriter.com/writers-manifesto/

It’s brilliance with a soul to inspire, writing because he loves writing.

I know there are many brilliantly creative people out there and I intend to meet more of you through the wonders of art of writing and reach of technology.  I am excited to learn what you think about.  What you wonder about.  How you keep from conforming to the mediocrities of life and keep your creativity alive.

2.  The best time to start is NOW, no matter what day it is.

I have discovered all great intentions die with time.  If I really want to write then start right now, even if it is a restart, a do over for the 1000th time.  Don’t wait for the perfect timing JUST DO IT.  So here I am.  I decided not to wait until I am an amazing writer, because if I wait for that day it will never arrive without this day happening first.

John Maxwell has written over 70 books and is considered the Leadership Guru of our time.  He often tells us his first book was so bad he should probably give them their money back. Instead of giving up he decided to learn, grow, and add more value with each book.  He writes everyday and with his discipline his writing improved.  He gained freedom in the discipline.

Think of all the great musicians, artists, programmers, authors, speakers, and leaders you know.  They weren’t very good when they started either, however they started, they persevered and they developed into their greatness.   A friend once shared how someone told him his book wasn’t very good and he replied, My poorly written book is still better than the one you haven’t written.”

What are you waiting on? Start doing what you want to do?  Bet on you and JUST DO IT.

3.  It was Tuesday, not Monday

Have you noticed how new things often start on a Monday or the beginning of the week?   People start diets on Monday, the workweek starts for most on Monday. Does life start on Monday?

I like to start whenever I want, not when others expect it.  I spent my entire life attempting to think outside the box.  I wonder why… and then drive people crazy with all of my questions.  I am grateful that I don’t fit into a box.  I like to lead from the edge of a room while still staying connected to those in the room.  Who cares what the typical pattern is? Break it. Typical has already been done.   Don’t conform, break out of the box and do something different than what appears logical. Go ahead it won’t kill you.  It might even cause you to wonder, “Why am I doing it this way in the first place?”

When was the last time you broke out your box?  Intentionally stepped out of the typical pattern of your day, of your week?

April Fool’s Day grants us permission to surprise others, break out.  Go ahead, have a little fun today.  BREAK up the autopilot of your day and be who you are dying to be.

4.  I have an automatic Escape clause – It was April Fools Day for Heaven’s sake!!!

If no one reads this today or comes back tomorrow I can say, they must have thought it was a joke.  Or just maybe because it is April Fool’s Day you will be curious to see what I am like when it is just another day on the calendar.

If you like being asked questions, to stir your thinking, I hope you will come back.  If questions drive you crazy then ask yourself why that is. Perhaps, just maybe it isn’t the question that drives you crazy. Perhaps it is already knowing the answer and not doing anything about it. Just sayin’.

What clause are you using to escape from what you know you really want?  Time? Resources? Don’t escape from what you really want, decide to go for it and watch the how appear. The first step is deciding and the how will follow.

Today is April 1st, April Fool’s Day and it is my FIRST blog with a compelling WHY.  I am committed to being real, being curious, and writing from my current thinking. Thank you for joining me in THINKING to LIVE outside the box.