4 Steps to Re-Igniting the Passion on Your Team

“ If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”   Antoine de Saint-Exupery


When was the last time you heard or read or even created a vision so inspiring that you were compelled to take immediate action?

A vision so captivating that you didn’t even care what the assignment was, you just longed to be a part of it, you placed yourself in the picture. You were willing to do the simplest task, the lowliest task or even the most challenging assignment.  You were drawn to the VISION with a magnetic force that would not let you go.  Before you realized it you decided you would do whatever it took to be a part of the bigger picture.  You didn’t have to be convinced or sold on why your skills were needed, you immediately placed yourself in the picture transformed to the new world, the world you envisioned as if it already existed this very moment.  I bet your mind even started a mini plan, a list of next steps to take, and even a rescheduling of events on your calendar.

February 2013, I was sitting in a room with 650 John Maxwell coaches in a three-day certification event.  John took the stage to speak, as I had observed on numerous occasions. This time there was something different about him. The tone of his voice was different, as he began to share his recent trip to Guatemala and the personal impact that made on him physically, mentally and spiritually, his heart was wide open. He spoke of being asked to lead a group, a nation to a place where no one has gone before. My curiosity was peaked, something new is about to be birthed, I leaned in with ears wide open.  He had captured my heart and my mind.

Before I knew it I went from a casual listener, to being fully immersed in hearing every word, to hearing none of his words because of the voices arguing in my mind, to realizing this was for me, to wishing he would finish so I could be the first to sign up.

What had just happened?   How did that happen? In a matter of a few minutes I had embraced the vision of transforming a nation.  Today as I reflect on that moment I am flooded with eternal gratitude that I embraced the vision John chose to embrace: one group of people from nations across the globe united to serve one vision, one cause, to transform a third world nation the first nation to lead world transformation.

As you reflect on the leadership assignments you have accepted, think about the vision you cast for your organization, for your community, for your team, for your family, for your children, for your marriage, or for your life.
Do any of these deserve anything less than your absolute best vision, a vision that causes a captivating tug on your heart?  A vision that propels you to action each day, one that keeps your mind in a mode of continual creativity and curiosity to remove all obstacles and to find a way to experience the vision today.
 4 Steps to Re-Igniting the Passion on Your Team can be found in the wisdom of John Maxwell:
  1. Connect Visually – Be the message of the Vision you are communicating to your team
  2. Connect Intellectually – Know the details of your Vision and your passion for it, be comfortable in your own skin as you share it.
  3. Connect Emotionally – People feel your attitude, connect to their mind and their heart.
  4. Connect Verbally – Captivate their hearts and mind with your words, be the voice of your own passion.    “Words are the currency of ideas and have the power to change the world.” 

Re-Igniting passion is a continual process.  You can’t give what you don’t have.  The first time the vision is cast the leader grabs the attention of our heart and mind. Each communication that follows either keeps the fire burning or drowns it out.  The moment in February was kept alive by communicating and connecting to the vision weekly. The fire was ignited, the creative juices stirred and continued flowing removing barriers and building momentum. Our first assignment was for June 2013 and a year later we all have an endless yearn for more,  the vision is still very much alive in our hearts and minds.

Once the first taste of significance was experienced the team realized they are no longer satisfied with just success.   We are in continual pursuit of significance, to leave an impact on the world.  A ripple effect has begun, one that will take the vision beyond the first imprint on our mind.  The vision now has ownership that will now live on long after the first assignment.

Examine the vision for your organization, who are you serving, what difference will you make, when you have moved on is what you left behind greater than what you took with you?
Envision a future worth carrying on.