The Master Key to Getting Un-Stuck

Stuck stinks and no one likes being there, including me. The funny part is very few of us even call it being stuck, because we are, after all, really smart business people. We aren’t stuck, we have a plan, we have goals, if only they would just …

I have sat in hundreds of executive offices and heard words about what ‘they’ are not doing, the infamous ‘they’. Leaders sincerely believe they know the how and even what needs to be done, the people just don’t…. I smile and ask,” What do YOU REALLY WANT?”

Bewildered, always a puzzled look. Puzzled is a clue, hang with me.

“Assume for a moment that I can help you, describe what do you envision being different in six or twelve months so you feel our time and money well spent?” Not one executive has been able to provide a definitive answer on what they really see different and these are brilliant high achievers.

The first time I saw the puzzled look I was surprised to hear the CEO admit, “Now that is a really great question, I need some time to THINK about it.” I appreciated his integrity and desire to put energy into providing a REAL answer. Leaders think about the business all the time, how to increase profitability, how to acquire new customers, how to revolutionize their products, and the list grows on.

Whether I am working with individuals or organizations the first gap is always the same. Whether the organization is moving a hundred miles an hour or plateaued the leader, nor the team, know exactly where they are going. They are all working hard and busy.

Imagine heading to an airport because you want to fly or take a trip. Maybe you are even thinking a beach would be good. The possibilities are endless and I guarantee you if you told your employees your going to the beach each person would have a distinctly different picture in mind. What can be very convincing is they probably think they are all going to the same place. My bet, not hardly. They will talk about sand, water and that is all you will hear the same. The morphing begins and before you know it productivity slow to a near halt.

Everyone is trying to follow someone and yet they aren’t getting on the same plane at the same time heading to the same destination with the same people serving each other in the same way for the same cause.

It’s like saying to your team sometime today we are going to go somewhere to do something for some reason. Want to come?

The wisest man who ever lived said, “Without vision people parish.”

Helen Keller said, “ The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision.”

The MASTER KEY to getting Un-Stuck: Create and continually communicate a captivating Vision. A vision that creates a burning desire within you and your organization.

When you think about a VISION I want you to think in 3D HD. Get your imagination flowing, you know, images in motion. Imagine what is going to be different for your customers, your company, your employees, their families, for your family, for YOU when you experience this wildly wonderful vision.

The toughest job of the leader is to fully engage the employees’ heart, mind, and body into your cause. Free yourselves of the need to know the how, they will figure that out. Your role as the leader, the master of the ship, is to continually cast the Vision of where their efforts are going to take everyone. The vision needs to be so captivating they not only bring their talent to the table, they continually bring their THINKING into the room to figure out a way to bring the vision to reality. Once you capture their heart and their mind with the Vision, ask them to ENVISION, place themselves in the VISION, mentally experience the change your desire to achieve.

Envision each employee starting his day by picturing the future in his mind. By holding the vision in one’s mind, creativity is unleashed, problems solved, and silos crumbled. As you anchor the organization daily to the vision, my bet is by year end you will be in awe of the viewed impossibilities your team made possible.

As Napoleon Hill wrote, “It is the intense dreamer, who has the vision and the imagination to see the realities in their mental and spiritual form before they appeared into the physical form.”

What do YOU REALLY WANT – your deepest desire?

Describe the images that come to mind and start shaping a captivating Vision that excites you. A Vision you are driven to see through to reality no matter what obstacles appear.