I love to break the mold, shatter paradigms and challenge beliefs that keep people from releasing their best. I ache when I see GREATNESS that is trapped in the culture of organizations and the busyness of life.

I help people and organizations get UNSTUCK and develop transformational leadership skills. Here is who they say I am:

“Chris is an inspiring leader and what I’d call a ‘Greatness Extractor’. After having the honor and pleasure to be in several of Chris’s audiences, large and small, there is no question of the value that Chris will bring to any organization or individual. When it comes to topics such as Vision, Mission, Purpose, Strategy, and Execution, Chris is an expert. Chris is an extraordinary resource that I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to know.”
Joe Robinette – Sales VP

Chris’s greatest gift is her passionate desire to help others develop themselves. Her caring and strength bond together to provide a balanced approach to leading others to lead themselves. She is masterful in providing insight and the tools needed to do so.
Whether speaking from the stage, gathered in a small group setting or one in one, Chris connects with her audience and brings the message within the grasp of each person.
Sherre George – Appraiser

Chris Parker has a heart for others to reach their God-given potential and purpose, whether it is personally or for a business! She inspires, she is dedicated and she leads with excellence!
Theresa McCraw – Education

Memorable milestones of my life

Married to Randy Parker for decades, yes for those of you wondering the marriage was arranged before I was born, LOL. OK, the truth, I met Randy when I was 13 and lucky for me his greatness was revealed to me early. My first act of brilliance was to NOT let him go. He is still the love of my life and together we are mastering the skills of developing relationships for a lifetime, rather than just for a season.

Released from WindRiver after swapping 16 years of my life, for a career that allowed me to develop incredible leadership skills and a heart for people across the globe.  I was granted a blank piece of paper to decide what I want my identity to be, what I REALLY wanted in life. I was free to be intentionally me.  A new road was taken and a multitude of doors continue to open as I find my true voice.

Transition: from employee to entrepreneur, founded my own company, 10MillionandOne, LLC. Partnering with people and organizations everywhere to extract their greatness; making each day better than the last for our customers, our friends, our family and for those that follow after us. Life is a classroom and opportunities are presented each day to learn and grow – Carpe Diem.

Flashback Journey

Landed my 1st job as a Missile Guidance and Control Engineer after getting my Masters in Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. Yes, I ‘are a ROCKET SCIENTIST’.

Seriously. I was on the team who prepared the winning proposal and later landed a seat in the White Sands Missile Range control center monitoring the first flight. I don’t think my hands have sweat as much since that early morning launch when VPs hovered all around me anxiously waiting for the final calculations indicating how close we were to the target. The result – We were awarded a full production contract. If I tell you any more, I would have to shoot you :0)

Found a whole new world of fun and adventure transitioning from working in a classified vault to the boom of Silicon Valley. I entered the world of high tech and accumulated millions of air miles learning about the motivation of stock options and the merging of companies, cultures, and technologies. Even with totally diverse systems, the merging of technology won the prize for the easiest part of any merger. Getting people to merge as one, was an entirely different story.

Earned 3+ Million air miles working with organizations in North America, Europe, and Japan to improve performance and increase customer loyalty. From applications engineer to Vice President of World Wide Customer Service Operations, I discovered my passion to lead and develop leaders of leaders. There is definitely an art and a science to building effective organizations that produce sustainable growth in a world producing strong headwinds and turbulent storms.

Mentored by the Masters: Tony Robbins, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, and Keith A. Craft. Soaking in better ways of assessing situations and unleashing the potential in others. I expanded my influence from leading within a company to influencing new levels of performance in companies of various sizes across a variety of industries. Teaming with executives, we crystallized visions, defined winning strategies, and executed with excellence creating an increase in both employee engagement and customer loyalty. My learning platform continues to expand.

From parent to grandparent – A new joy, imagine getting a “do over”. You know all those things you wished you knew to teach your kids when they were young. Right now my kids are realizing life looks different when you evolve from child to parent. Am I really wiser? I will let my grandkids answer that questions in a few years. For now, we are enjoying a new season of learning unlike any I’ve experienced before. Life is such an incredible learning journey if we see it as one. My grandchildren are my greatest teachers, they remind me of the gifts we receive at birth.

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