As I board the plane, I can hardly contain the excitement. I have been looking forward to this trip since the day I said, “Count me in”.

Whether I’m heading to a special event or a long needed vacation, anticipation keeps me in a mode of consistent persistence, a super charged season of completion. Do what has to be done before … so I can …

What it is about anticipation that drives us, or at least drives me? Is it the change in routine, the special connect time with a loved one, or perhaps it’s learning something new that will move me closer to my dreams. Whatever it is, there is a special energy in my spirit as the day approaches. I become more productive and even take on those things I have been procrastinating with.

“He who matures early lives in anticipation.”  Theodor Adorno 

Wouldn’t you like to tap into the spirit of anticipation and unleash it everyday, not just for significant changes in your routine or special events?

I decided there had to be extra golden nuggets waiting for me if I cracked the code. Waking each morning in anticipation for today, not next month, not for tomorrow, rather for today.

What I am learning is rather simple, yet not so easy to do even though we know and have heard this before.

  • Declare today as a new day filled with great relationships and new opportunities, a day filled with gifts and surprises, a day filled with excitement and answers to the challenges I am facing.
  • Now that you declared it, be on a quest, a treasure hunt, to find that which you treasure. Be on the look out for it. Expect that IT WILL appear. If you don’t expect it, there is nothing to anticipate. If your not looking for it you will miss it.
  • Celebrate the little treasures of the day. A warm hello that lifts your spirit, a new idea that comes to mind as your driving down the road, a question repeats itself over and over in your mind. Just like the idea to write about ANTICIPATION. I became curious, then I wondered what make this day different, ah yes, the trip, then I wondered how can I get this same level of productivity in each day versus just before a trip where I convinced myself things had to be completed before I boarded the plane.
  • End your day with gratitude for the wonders of the day. Focus on the joys of moments. Today as I looked up I saw a couple I hadn’t seen in a month. The moment was priceless, a treasure of the day, totally unexpected and I’m so grateful I wasn’t too busy doing or I would have missed the brief connection that lifted all of our spirits. As I end the day with gratitude I find myself wondering who will I get to see tomorrow. What surprises will the day bring me? I smile as I close my eyes building anticipation for tomorrow, another day that could look like the same old same old, however now I know it will only look the same if my eyes are closed to what is different about this new day.

As you read this become curious about what is truly NEW in this DAY. There is NO WAY it will be identical to yesterday.

People will not be in the same places at the same time, thinking and doing what they were doing yesterday. IT IS A NEW DAY. ENJOY the difference. LOOK for the DIFFERENCE. RENEW your mind as this day unfolds differently. Look closer. What is different about the people in your home? The person next to you at work? The drive to school or the walk across the street?



I am taking the challenge to consistently find the treasures in each new day.

Will you join me?