Are You Living or One of the Walking Dead?

Are you entering your best, wisest years of you life or have you bought into the lie that you are too old to change, to think differently? Maybe you’re not even 40 or 50 yet, however you feel too old to live the life you envisioned when you were much younger.   When is too old, too old?  Says who?

I remember when my Dad turned 50 and he declared he was just now entering his “GOLDEN YEARS”, his best years yet.  At the time I didn’t understand and then when he was in his seventies he built an assistant living home to help the old people out.  I laughed as he gave me a tour and explained that one had to be over 50 to live there.   I smiled and said, let me see Dad, you are in your seventies and you built this to help the old people out, those over 50. That means you and Mom could live here.  He smiled the most precious smile, “NO, we are way too young to need such a place. “

Today as my Dad approaches 84, he and my mom still enjoy living independently. He is a young mind with an older body.  He continuously streams ideas on to grow their business and contribute to the community.  He continuously seeks better ways to do things, and learn new ways. Just last year we gave my parents an ipad and a whole new world was opened up for them to explore.  For 62 years of their marriage they didn’t need a computer or the internet at home.  Now he is thinking differently.  You should have seen the twinkle in his eyes as his mind expanded with new possibilities.  He was like a child in a toy story.  Where do I start, how do I explore.

“A creative adult, is the child who survived”  Ursula K. Le Guin

If you feel handcuffed to a job, then perhaps you still have a dream buried deep inside and it is screaming to be born.  Maybe you feel like giving up, you come home at night, kick the dog out of the way and sit on the coach watching some not so real, reality show.

 In his poem Wise Companions William A. Ward wr0tes:

 “The adventure of life is to learn.

The goal of life is to grow.

The nature of life is to change.

The challenge of life is to overcome.

The essence of life is to care.

The secret of life is to dare.

The joy of life is to love.”

My Dad fully lives life, inspiring me to continue to learn, grow, change, overcome, care, dare and not to allow myself to be among the living dead, dead inside but still breathing?

 Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are too old, grab the reality that you just quieted the child deep inside, still yearning to make a difference. Don’t pull yourself out of the game of life not even for another season.  Your season is now.

 Ask yourself, “If I settle for where I am is where I will always be, (pulling out of the game of living life and being one of the living dead) what will my life tell those I love most to do with their life, with their dreams?   What will my life story be:  Lived until his last breathe or died 20 years before God made it official?