Can Art Improve Communications?

We think in picture yet most of us spend an average of twelve years learning English (or our native language) and only an hour once a week in Art class.

I wonder how we would communicate differently if we had spent as much time in art class as we did in English (your native language) class?

 Would we understand each other more?

Would we appreciate the other person’s perspective more?

Would we remember thoughts and ideas?

How would decision making change?


‘I found I could say things with color and shapes

that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.’

Georgia O’Keeffe

A colleague of mine was sharing the story of his son’s family drawing.

Dad could clearly see the young boy’s self-portrait, his younger sister, his beautiful wife and the new puppy all playing in the yard.

As he stared at the picture, his mind shifted from curiosity to heartache. There was no daddy in his son’s picture. The message couldn’t be any clearer it was time to change things at home and at work. Never again would his son draw a family picture without Daddy in the frame.


Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
Jonathan Swift

What do you see that you yearn others to hear you say?

What life masterpiece are you creating?  It’s not too late to make it even better.

When TODAY is All I GOT .

The squeeze had started and I was feeling the pressure, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Projects incomplete with deadlines rapidly approaching, new ideas for growing my business exploding in my mind, significant life events: weddings, graduations, birth of new kids, and x0th wedding anniversaries popping up on my calendar.   How could I possibly say NO? They were after all incredibly important – all #1

So I chose what any loving friend, parent, child, executive, and ‘NO EXCUSES – Make It Happen’ person would do, I said ‘NO’ to sleep, workouts, and ME.

Does this sound familiar? If you are like most of the executives and business owners I work with, you know this is the way it is, RIGHT?

 Today I can say I get to this point less often. Not because I have less that I could or even should do, because I didn’t like the person I was showing up as at these events. I was there in body, yet my mind was always somewhere else.

 One day as I was looking at pictures of past event I had attended, I realized, I was not in a single candid picture. It was like I was invisible in the activities of the day. Hundreds of pictures taken and where was I? Ah finally, I was in a posed, staged shot. Present or perhaps not.

 It was in that moment that I realized I could continue going through life checking the boxes or I could intentionally say NO to really important things so I fully LIVED ‘YES’ in what I chose.

My new promise, which I am getting better at and still have an occasional relapse, is



The following renewed thinking helped me shift from being EVERYWHERE WITH NO ONE to being FULLY PRESENT with the ONEs I’m with:

  1. The person in front of me or on the phone is the only person that matters right now. If I don’t treat them as if they are the most important person at this moment in my day then I shouldn’t have said YES to them in the first place.

Treasure the GIFT of the PRESENT.

  1. Those who have experienced my GIFT of the PRESENT, don’t expect me to pick up the phone or reply to a text when I am with someone else.

They know I respond when I can give them my undivided attention and that is what they really want is all of my mind, not just the perception of being connected.

“Yesterday is history,

tomorrow is a mystery,

today is God’s gift,

that’s why we call it the present.”

Joan Rivers

  1. I realized there are very few emergencies that I CAN really help with immediately and those are the usually the ones that take place right where I am.

True emergencies require immediate action by people who can bring aid the quickest. I used to get emergency calls when I was halfway across the country. For that season I lived in fear of getting another one of those calls because I knew I couldn’t get home fast enough to help and I had chosen to be gone. After receiving one of those calls I would agonize because I was somewhere else AND I couldn’t get home fast enough to help. It was in this season that I realized I needed a personal backup plan like I had in place at work. Once we, my family and I, defined a personal backup plan and a communication process as a part of that plan I realized I had choices to make. I either needed to choose different places to be or I needed to chose to be fully present where I was and relax with the plan. THE REALITY sunk in: I CAN”T BE TWO PLACES AT ONCE so WHY keep trying.


Thinking in the PRESENT of TODAY:

  • I can only be PRESENT one place, the place I CHOSE to BE right now.
  • I Bring my best wherever I AM and believe others are doing the same where I AM NOT- relax and enjoy now.
  • I had to be OK not being the one always HELPING. I choose to believe others are perfectly capable of being the Knight in Shining Armor or at least this will help us see where they need to learn and grow.
  • PEOPLE don’t remember what you do – they remember how special you made them feel. One’s undivided attention is a rare gift that everyone, rich or poor can give abundantly to others.
  • I lay my head on my pillow and rinse the day. When I mess up, and I will, I decide what I will do better tomorrow and then I let it go. I pray for the GIFT of being fully PRESENT another day. I SLEEP peacefully knowing I gave my best today and I will do better tomorrow with the gift of a new day.

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.’     Mahatma Gandhi


What will you say ‘NO’ to today to LIVE your ‘YES’ fully present?

If ONLY then WHAT?

If only I _____________________ then _____________________________

Everyone I have worked with has a picture of something they really want.  You may be picturing a fabulous vacation, new sports car, a new house, a better marriage, a closer family, new friends, a sculpted body, a new job or an ‘A’ team to run your company tripling your profits with a quarter of the expenses.

I’m thinking, I’ll take one of each thank you.  Can I have it ALL AND NOW ?

Now I am not writing to tell you NO you can’t or YES you can.  I don’t have a special genie in my pocket that is going to make it all happen for you before you read the rest of this sentence, because if I did,  then I would just end here and sell you the genie. ;0)

OK all kidding aside, there are two major challenges people face when they decide to GO FOR ‘IT’ – that which they really want.

  1. They haven’t really thought through what ‘IT’ looks like.

As I start asking them questions about what an ‘A Team’ or a better marriage or even a new house looks like they hesitate, their eyes roll up as if they are searching for words to describe a picture they haven’t even painted yet.

Hummmm !!!!  This is probably a great clue why they don’t already have ‘IT’.  All the person knows right now is they don’t like what they have today.

Together we agree more time IN INTENTIONALLY FOCUSED THOUGHT is required to 1st ENVISION what they really want and then GO FOR ‘IT’.

There is no sense in getting in a car and driving to ANYWHERE because you end up NO WHERE you really want to be. 

  1. Once a person invests the time IN INTENTIONALLY FOCUSED THOUGHT, ENVISIONING what they really want and getting real about today, another interesting picture is rapidly painted their mind, overlaying the picture of what they really want.

It sounds something like this:

I can’t because _________________ and then if ___________________

I will have to _________________  AND if I _______________

then they will ______________ which means I will have to ______________

Wow was that fast or what?.  It took hours to create the vision of what they really want and in a flash of time with extreme detail their mind instantly created the picture of can’t.  It wasn’t that long ago the person was struggling to put detail to their vision, for what they were convinced they really wanted.  For years they had been dreaming of ‘IT’, hoping for ‘IT’, talking about ‘IT’.


A person who is a master of ‘If only I had a ______________’ transforms into a master detail technician with an imagination on fire. Rapidly painting a picture of all the reason why they can’t get from HERE to THERE.



Most of us would rather settle for where WE are, because after all, TODAY’s ‘IT’ is pretty good compared to where THEY are.

As Marshal Goldsmith masterfully wrote, what got us HERE won’t get us THERE.

Not just YOU, me too, and you and you and you!

WE ALL GET TO PAY THE PRICE OF CHANGE if WE really want change.

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances,

but are unwilling to improve themselves;

they therefore remain bound.”

James Allen


What would need to be different for you to NOT SETTLE?

What would you need to believe differently about yourself to PERSISTENTLY pursue the deepest desire you have?

What would you need to THINK differently about the price you are imagining paying?


then I CAN HAVE ‘IT’

in due time.




The Gift of A 3-Day Weekend

Have you ever wondered what shifts in your thinking as you approach a long weekend?  I have noticed behavior changes as people prepared to unplug from their routine for three days.  Some work more, some less, some play more, others get together with people to celebrate, and others just do something different from their typical 2 day weekend.

I realized I am more apt to totally unplug from work even emails when there is a 3-day weekend.   When I realized one more day off actually inspired me to take 80 % of the entire weekend off, I started wondering why I didn’t take 80% of every weekend off and treat it as sacred as a 3-day weekend.

I discovered I thought differently prior to a 3-day versus a 2-day weekend.  My thinking rolled down the following path:

  1. I was driven to wrap up mini projects before the weekend because next week was only a 4-day workweek.

  2. I kept a list of the 10 weeks of projects I was going to do given this extra long weekend. LOL like I was really going to get them all done in one day.

  3. I assumed everyone’s schedule was more flexible because at least one of the days was already interrupted by the mere fact offices were closed.

  4. I assumed those I interact with were taking off and I wanted them to relax and have fun, take a break.

  5. I realized some of my favorite childhood memories were from 3-day weekends and I wanted to created great memories for my children and grandkids this weekend.

  6. 3-Day weekends are few and far between so I need to intentionally enjoy them when they come.

  7. I started thinking about the people I would get to spend quality time with.

  8. I started thinking about nothing by day 3 and honing in on just being with those in my home.  Less DOing and way more intentionally BEing.

  9. I started thinking about my thoughts when I don’t take a break on a 2 Day weekend.

  10. I started thinking strategically and what I can intentionally do for those I do life with moving forward and not just on a 3-day weekend.


As my thoughts took this journey I discovered a precious GIFT,  The Gift of the 3-Day weekend.  

A GIFT of increased awareness that I need to up my game by being more intentional with those I choose to do life with.


What treasure did you discover this past 3-Day Weekend?

“The price of anything is the amount of life that is exchanged for it.”

Henry David Thoreau

Where Does Your Influence Begin?

Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

John C. Maxwell


As a leader where should your influence begin?

For people who want to make an impact for a lifetime, beyond their lifetime, starting at home is always key.

Some how as I was advancing up the corporate ladder I got it backwards. I allowed my career / job to captivate most of my time and my family got the leftovers. I am embarrassed to say for some periods of time what they got was more like breadcrumbs than leftovers.

Imagine how that made them feel. They were always incredibly supportive of the successes I was having, however before I knew it, they had built a life without me. We all lived under one roof, yet we lived very separate lives.

I am not proud of that season of my life, however it is a very real season for many business leaders still today. Given I coach business executive I learned the following is quite common.

  • Working long hours always focused on developing new business, customer relationships, leaders, and raising the bottom line.
  • Trying to keep a family from dissolving
  • Regretting they did not spend more time with those closest to them
  • Feeling lonely with no time for meaningful relationships outside of work
  • Aching for balance, meaning, fulfillment…

I remember asking myself how could I be such a great leader at work, inspiring people, developing future leaders, juggling huge projects across the globe and at the same time be so ineffective at home? I even wrote it off as “I am not the nurturing type”. I would rather be in the boardroom, than the living room. Seriously I bought into SUCCESS I was heading down a path of SUCCESS at all cost, unaware of the real price I was paying.

After returning home one week, I remember walking into my house and receiving absolutely NO reception or NOT even an acknowledgement that they were glad I was home.

TALK ABOUT A WAKE UP CALL. that was the most eye opening night of my life. and I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL the call was packaged in such a way that it wasn’t too late to choose differently.

It was never my intent to be where I was yet it was my new reality. I realized that weekend that my life was filled with a successful career that I enjoyed and a weekend meal or two with the family.

How had I gotten to this place? How did I allow myself to place those I love and treasure most behind work? I was giving 150% to work, which left little for anyone else. Not even those I wanted to spend a lifetime with. Outside my home I was know as “great leader” and inside my home I was tolerated. Today, my husband and adult children laugh about THAT woman that used to live in our house. LOL

It wasn’t until I read Viktor Frankl’s book, A Man’s Search for Meaning. That I was really able to start turning things around.

It was this very book that reshaped my thinking.

“ When we are no longer able to change a situation,

we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor Frankl

I needed to own the situation and take responsibility for my responses to life.

Frankl writes when we are in search of deep sense of meaning we can often numb ourselves with pleasure.

His advice for finding a deep sense of meaning.

  1. Have a Vision or a project your are working on / towards
  2. Be in relationships were you are unconditionally loved
  3. Have a redemptive perspective on your suffering.

Make a list of the suffering , circle it acknowledging it as bad

Make a second list of the positive things about why this situation is a blessing.

The real treasures of life are often found in our suffering.

It was the late 1990’s and I became a student of Tony Robbins, who introduced me to Viktor Frankl’s writing. From there I decided to become an avid reader, a student for life always seeking to change myself to become the best me.

As I studied under Dr, Stephen R. Covey, John Maxwell as well as Keith Craft a spiritual leader in my life. I learned great leadership starts by leading yourself and it starts at home.

When Leaders put their organization or community before their family everyone suffers. I didn’t realize it at the time, however I was leaking my best. It wasn’t with me everywhere I went. I lived a compartmentalized life instead of focusing on a whole me. I learned and have found when the marriage isn’t working all suffers, when the family is out of order your career or business suffers more.

When John C. Maxwell shared his definition of success,

“When those closest to you love and respect you most.” I decided to steal it for my own.

I have learned to filter my decisions, choose my partners, and plan my life with his definition in mind. As I developed the life that matters most to my I realized Self Leadership works only when you decide who you want to BECOME. When you become the person you would want to follow, others will choose to follow you.

If you have a family, put them first in your Leadership.

Begin at HOME.

There is no legacy like that of the positive influence leaders can exercise with their family. Then watch how the people following you start to change.

TOGETHER you will elevate the future of your organization
by developing loyalty with YOUR FAMILY for LIFE.

#1 Leadership Lesson from the ALS #ICEbucketCHALLENGE:

ONE can make a difference:

 “Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less.”
John C. Maxwell
 The ALS #ICEBUCKETchallenge was started by ONE and in just 28 days it has raised $79.7M to wipe out ALS. (As of Aug 25, 2014)

Who would have imagined that millions of people would willingly take a bucket of ice water, dump it over their head AND donate money to wipe out a disease many were not even familiar with.   A month ago, NOT ME!   And then yesterday, I did exactly what I couldn’t have imagined even a month ago.

I accepted the ice bucket challenge from my mentor Paul Martinelli who offered to match the donations of the first 50 of the John Maxwell Team members.  It was brilliant.  50 single $100 were instantly doubled for ALS, IF we decided to accept Paul’s challenge.

By doing our part and joining in with the team of those who have gone before us we get ‘permission’ to invite others to make a difference with us. Now our decision quadruples the impact.

Imagine how different the world would be if all leaders did their part and first modeled what they wanted others to do AND THEN they get permission to ask others to follow them.

Imagine what would be different about your organization if people freely chose to follow leaders because they believed in what the leader was modeling.

Would your organization transform from a ‘HAVE TO…”  to a ‘GET TO… ‘ culture?

Imagine the shift your customers would experience if your employees were having fun making a difference and realizing together they ARE already influencing others to make a difference, just because you modeled the difference you wanted to see.

Imagine what you are modeling today and it went viral like the ALS #ICEbucketCHALLENGE.  How would the headlines read?

and watch the multiplication power of your ONE.

REMEMBER the #1 Lesson: ONE Can Make a Difference WHEN:

  1. ONE decides to accept the challenge and take action by leading oneself
  2. ONE does what only ONE can do, his/her part
  3. ONE teams with others to serve a greater cause
  4. ONE invites others to make a difference with him/her
  5. ONE shares the FUN of serving the cause to brighten the day of those who haven’t decided yet and those who already took action.  
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi


“ALL that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve

is the direct result of his own thoughts.” 

James Allen


What do you THINK?  When was the last time you devoted 15 minutes to nothing but THINKING?


Today, instead of reading what I was THINKING devote 10 minutes to INTENTIONALLY THINK.  Don’t take in anymore input just THINK.



What the experience was like for you?  Did you do it or are you an 85% person?


“Five percent of the people think;
ten percent of the people think they think;
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.”

Thomas Edison


Did your mind constantly wonder off on it’s own or where you able to intentionally control your THINKING?

Where are you most of the time 5%, 10% or the 85%?

Where do you want to be 5%, 10% or the 85%?

Are you willing to be among the top 5%?


THINK for a CHANGE starting NOW!


FAILURE is Inevitable when SUCCESS is Optional.

Somewhere along the way the word failure acquired a negative meaning for me.

How can something that occurs so often on our journey to success be a negative?  

It happens more than success, doesn’t it?

What is it about failure that causes us to see it as a negative, instead of a natural part of the creative process?

I decided to look up the definition of failure:  inability to perform a NORMAL function.  The word NORMAL jumped off the page as I reread the definition.

I don’t know about you, but when I am creating something new I am doing things I don’t NORMALLY do because I am creating something new, something I have never done before.  There is little ‘NORMAL’ that is until I’ve mastered something. Done it over and over and over again.

If I don’t perform a function that is NOT ‘NORMAL’ for me, is it really failure?

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.”  Richard Branson

Imagine as a leader we understand the difference between new performance and normal performance.

Would the label failure so quickly enter our story?

Would our story become a story of all the great things we learned, rather than how many times we experienced failure on our journey to success?

What if your organization valued learning more than it frowned on failure?

Would failure be celebrated quarterly like success? More than successes?

What creativity and innovation would be ignited in your organization?

In your own leadership style?

In your own life?

What would you attempt if there was not embarrassment in your failure?

In Webster’s 1828 dictionary the definition of failure is: Omission; non-performance; as the failure of a promise; a man’s failure in the execution of a trust.

Is it possible that failure only occurs when we give up – no longer persist in the attainment of our promise?

What are you promising? 

How are you changing to fulfill the promise?

‘Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be’.     John Wooden

I’ve learned the meaning we attach to the obstacles we face can either propel us to success or weigh us down to the point getting up becomes harder and harder.

When I chose to enter the world of entrepreneurs I realized there was more NEW than NORMAL for me.  I am a seasoned, experienced business executive who has lead large organizations to high levels of achievement.  I created new organizations within existing ones, helped companies large and small to achieve incredible results and yet I found myself facing weekly failures as an entrepreneur.

I began playing ping pong of the mind.  Success, Failure, Success, Failure, Success, Success, Failure, Failure, Success, Success, and it was wearing out my creative thinking.

What is up with that?

Intellectually I knew that I was on a journey that required a steep learning curve.  As a life long learner I continued to operate with persistence and failure was not an option.   Yet as much as I love to learn, even small failures started to weigh heavy on my mind and stifle my creativity.

That is until I got a grip on the true meaning of failure:

Failure really only happens when I stop learning and growing, when I stop doing all I can do to build a trusting relationship with my clients, and when I decide I am done getting up.


WHEN I FULLY EMBRACED the thought that failure does not happen for ME when I am outside my NORM, my thoughts transformed to thoughts of learning and getting back up to learn again and creative my new vision.

This shift in my thinking about failure, helped me understand that the creative process demands setbacks, obstacles, challenges, surprises in order to birth something new.

I was hard wired for creating in a different world, a different system, a different culture, with an army of people. I was hard wired for developing leaders of leaders and creating as ONE with many.  I was hard wired to move an army of people, inspiring them to explore, learn and create. My “NORMAL” thought was in big visions, with many resources, and with a complementary team.  My new world had an even bigger vision, with me as the only current resource, a team of one, and with me making decisions like I NORMALLY do.  I pulled triggers on things that took an army of more than one. OOPS!.  I created plans that took a team of leaders to execute with their teams and I was THE team of leaders and THE team to do the executing of the plan, OOPS!

It has been a amazing season of learning and growth for me and my business.  Learning my way to success in a new world.  Failure is not an option because I have the will to figure out a way.  I have a team of people to learn from and with, they aren’t employed with me or by me, even better they only care about finding a way to success.

What I learned:

  • I learned to create a new world  that aligns with my new VISION. It is structured differently, which requires different thinking and a new business model for success, a world that unleashes my creativity and the creativity of others on the journey with me.
  • I learned I don’t have to scale back on my vision or my goals I only needed to adjust the dates for their completion.  That was huge for me as I am driven by a BIG vision and smaller was not inspiring for me.
  • I am learning to develop a new kind of patience.  Patience with myself, and the formation of the best team.
  • I learned the best people for your team are available when your company truly ready to expand its team. I focus on building the connections continually and collaborating before partnering to ensure core values and visions align.
  • I learned to super simplifying what I offer and how people have access to my products and services to create momentum on a strong foundation.
  • I plan with today’s ‘NORMAL’ thinking and I excel my future when NORMAL doesn’t work.  I embrace obstacles and enjoy the rush of creativity kicks in.
  • I am seeing the fruits of blending my worlds of an executive of hundreds, leadership consultant for hundreds of organizations, and solo entrepreneur extracting greatness in people and organizations to solve real world challenges.
“Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”  
Donald Trump


“ The unexamined life is not worth living”   Socrates

These words jumped off the page when I read Think for a Change by John C. Maxwell for the first time 11 years ago.  The more thought about these words the more I realized I may think strategically and of endless possibilities, however the Reflective thinking I had left to chance. Like most people, I rarely stopped long enough to reflect.  I was running at such a pace, I wondered who has time to think? I’m too busy.

Now 11 years later I find my heart filled with gratitude that John had written his book Think for a Change.  He even condensed it for all of us really busy people How Successful People Think.

The gifts of reflective thinking have been so great for me (birth of my vision, my purpose, my core values, my relationships, my finances, my persistence, my growth,…) that I now make it a daily habit. For weeks like this past week when I am immersed in an incredible learning environment for six days I dedicate an entire day to reflective thinking. Yes, the entire day because I have learned that a day devoted to reflective thinking BEFORE boarding a plane and heading home doubles the value of the experience.   All of the learning nuggets and new ideas just simmer in my mind for hours and then like magic I let go of the old, embrace the new, and reshape my plans. I board the plane holding a clear plan of action with excitement to apply what I learned from the experience.

TODAY was that day and here are some of the Gifts of Reflective Thinking I received

1)   A true perspective – Clarification of the Big Picture

2)    Emotional integrity to my thought life – Rinses out limiting thinking and replaced with empowering actions

3)    Increase confidence in my decision making

4)    Double Down – Amplified a great experience to a valuable experience


Your Challenge if you choose to accept it

  • Decide Your Life is worth examining
  • Dedicate time for Reflective Thinking
  • Isolate yourself from all distractions
  • Ask yourself questions in terms of your values, relationships, experiences, and vision for all areas of your life
  • Journal what you learn
  • Celebrate your investment of time in you – your worth it


Intentional New Beginnings

It’s not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.”  Kirstin Armstrong

A mind open and eager to learn and create, a mind equipped to tackle any limiting thoughts that may have surfaced in my mind over the past few months, a mind renewed with energy for what is possible instead of for what is standing in my way. It was time for my semi-annual John Maxwell Team Think Tank and Mentorship Training. It was time to intentionally refuel my beginner’s mind.

When was the last time you intentionally packed your clothes and boarded a plane to intentionally open your mind to NEW BEGINNINGS?

  • New relationships
  • New alignments
  • New assignments
  • New challenges
  • New opportunities
  • New teaching
  • New confusion
  • New learning
  • New perspective
  • New levels of connection
  • New ideas

What shifts did you experience that last time you reset your routine?

For the past 5 days I have been unplugged from my routine and intentionally creating NEW BEGINNINGS.  The days have been full of New Beginnings and now its time for this mind to PAUSE, REFLECT, and RESET to amplify the power of this experience.

  1. PAUSE – Allow growth to catch up.
  1. REFLECT  – Turn experiences into insights

Reflection will do very little good unless you are intentional in your thinking time, intentionally asking yourself tough questions like:

  • What is my biggest asset / strength?
  • What is my biggest liability?
  • What is my highest high?
  • What is my lowest low?
  • What am I willing to do differently?
  • What is my most worthwhile emotion?
  • What is my least worthwhile emotion?
  • What is my best habit?
  • What is my worst habit?
  • Who can I serve?
  • What is most fulfilling to me?
  • What do I prize most highly?
  • What did I learn?
  • What do I want more?
  • What price am I willing to pay?
  • Who do I know who can help?
  • What new ideas come to mind?
  • What is adjusts will you make in your plan moving forward?
  • What is your FIRST next step?
  1. RESET – Modify the plan to WIN with a NEW BEGINNING.

Be willing to punt the plan completely while holding the VISION for your best you with a firm grip.

After my first John Maxwell Team (JMT) Certification experience in August 2011, I spent an additional week in REFLECTION.  From that intentional NEW BEGINNING a detailed VISION for my company was birthed.  Soaking in the JMT Culture twice a year has become one of my key strategies for creating a beginner’s mind.

What are you Intentional about?

“You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it

 is more important than winning or losing.”

Arthur Ashe