Can You Hear Me NOW!!! – 5 Keys to Amplifying the Power in Your Voice

 “There is POWER in your voice, I want to hear THAT VOICE, the one deep within you crying to come out, the one capable of inspiring others to be their best.  There is GREATNESS within you.  I want to hear YOUR VOICE, the one NO ONE else can speak with”, echoed the booming voice of Les Brown.


Right before my eyes, I observed the quiet, nearly silent voice of a timid woman transform into a voice booming with passion and conviction.  Les’ words were like oxygen to her soul.  Her voice had a new kind of power she had never experienced before.

As I watched in awe, I began to contemplate the many times I had been given the gift to be a VOICE, to influence others.  I also reflected on those other times when I felt like no one heard me.  It was like I walked around asking “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW”.

The more curious I became, the more aware I was that everyday I fluctuated the power in my own voice.   Sometimes intentionally and sometimes totally clueless, if you know what I mean, absolutely clueless.  My words were killing my power, my voice was placed on mute.

I decided to begin a quest, in search of :  What gives a VOICE POWER? 

When do I feel that power, and when do I give the voice of others power over my own inner voice?  Should I give their voice power in my life?   I became so fascinated about these questions that I decided to silence my own voice for a season, to focus on listening for the secret behind the power in one’s voice.

From my observations and the experiences of my clients, we realized that the most powerful speakers connect to both the mind and the heart of their audience before they ever expect to be heard.  

As their words lifted others up it was as if there was an empoweringVISION of their VOICE held within the speaker’s mind.  The voices we each intentionally gave power to shared the following

5 Keys to consider as you speak with a desire to amplify your voice:  

1)    VALUE me in a way much greater than the way you see me today.  I know I am on a lifelong journey, I am a work in process, and I want you to ENVISION me as a ’10’ even though we both know I am not a ‘10’ yet.  Envision the BEST ME. Treat me as if I matter to you beyond this moment.

2)    Opportunities evolve from obstacles.  Help me see the opportunity instead of the obstacle.  I KNOW I NEED TO work through challenges, however that doesn’t mean I KNOW HOW TO.  Be followable. Expand my thinking. Extend a hand to help me see across the rough waters, chart a course, guide me on the path, and I will do the same for another person.  Let me multiply your greatness so we both learn and grow.

3)    Ideas are created as an answer to someone’s questions. Ask me about my ideas and together we can discover better ways to help those you want to serve.  Teach me AND learn from me.  As Dr. Stephen R. Covey said, “When two THINK alike one becomes irrelevant.  Introduce me to those you know as I help and serve with you.

4)    Care enough about me to challenge me to make my best choices, to be my BEST ME.  Listen to my concerns, ask me about my choices, help me understand the consequences of my choices, and have the courage to release control, so I am free to be me.

5)    Encourage me to engage my best and teach others from my experiences.  Lift me up. Be an energy producer in my life.  Be excited about who I AM and who I AM NOT.  Be a VOICE consistent with GOD’s promises.  Celebrate that I AM different than you and love me anyway.

In the past I gave power to two kinds of voices:

1)    Voices of honor and encouragement that held a VISION of the POWER of their VOICE and of my greater potential.

2)    Limiting voices, powered by opinion, not truth.

The more I have learned about the power of our words on the future of others the more intentional I became in choosing my own words and the more selective I became in whose voice I gave power to.  I remind myself often to follow the advise of Steve Jobs,

“Don’t let the noise of the other people’s opinions drown out your inner voice.”

Which voices have you given power to?

Which voice do you naturally speak with?

What change will amplify the power in your voice?