Marian Hays

“The event was exceptional on many levels. Chris did an outstanding job of sharing inspiring information. She gently drew us into the process so we could take ownership. … I’m being drawn to accomplish more already (and I have!).”

Rick Leslie

“Life Waking Up” I forgot about my goals as an ambitious youth but with Chris Parkers help I was able wake up the sleeping giant within me.  Chris Parker is a true inspiration. “

Kendra Christopher

“Chris listens to hear what is not being said in order to get to the heart of the matter and bring about meaningful transformation. Her genuine interest in people and her depth of knowledge make working with and learning from Chris Parker a sheer delight.”

Dennis A. Mavis

I really liked the format of the Seminar. Every person’s perception of life, relationships, children, spouses, ~ is different ~ BUT there is a common thread that binds it all together. I liked the way Chris presented the material and had each of us work on the exercises and share our experiences..

Barbara Wyss

Chris modeled a way of thinking that in the past I could not grasp. She went farther than merely throwing out words and expecting the listener to grasp what was expressed. She took it to the implementation stage, and helped us work through the thought process behind the words.

Roy Sheneman

Chris is an excellent business resource of the highest integrity. I highly recommend her both as a person and as a professional. She has made tremendous positive impact upon our business. Thanks Chris!