CLAP if You Are HAPPY !!!

Pharrell William’s song “HAPPY” energized the room as the new Bride and Groom exited the chapel.

An entire room filled with wedding guests transform by end of the first word. Instantly the atmosphere in room was elevated far above any wedding I’ve ever experienced.  The roofed had been lifted, everyone was freed to be goofy, fun, silly and do anything they felt like to be HAPPY.

The beat and lyrics are both memorable and contagious.  (Click here to listen ) .

“Clap along if you feel like Happiness is a room without a roof

Clap along if you feel like Happiness is a truth

Clap along if you know what Happiness is to you

Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”


As I thought about “Happy” I recalled many ‘Happy’ times in my life. Weddings are usually one of the happiest moments, that and the birth of a child.

I also recalled a time when I was stuck for a season in UNHAPPY and I asked myself, “WHAT DOES HAPPY LOOK LIKE to me”.

Mahatma Gandhi’s said

Happiness is when what you think,

 what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

As I flipped through my memories I found unhappiness for me was when at least one of these: my thinking, what I said, who I am being, or what I was doing didn’t align? For me, the biggest stumbling block is usually my thinking.

Over time I have learned when I THINK happy, I SPEAK happy, and then I DO with a different kind of energy, a HAPPY beat, like Pharrell’s song ‘HAPPY’.

Obviously this this isn’t rocket science.  intellectually I get it however I wasn’t always doing it.

I wondered what keeps me from being Happy at times?  

Typically I am a passionate and HAPPY person, yet I hit a season a few years ago where I began to wonder who I was.  Somewhere in the process of tackling life challenges, feeling like I was getting nowhere fast I allowed my thinking to drift.

I started seeing daily tasks as boring, mundane, and as my thinking eroded so did my language.  I started talking about the daily grind, the rat race, and before long my desire for maximum peak performance started slipping through my hands.  I became frustrated with myself, which then rippled to everyone around me.  I knew better, yet I wasn’t doing better.   I had allowed my words to match my thinking.  No longer was I speaking hope and encouragement. I became a complainer about life, just existing no longer living with passion on purpose.

When did I turn upside down in my thinking? How did I let it happen? 

A mentor of mine once said, “the biggest gap we all face is the one between what we know and what we do with what we know.” 

Ouch! I had had enough.  It was time to close that gap.  This was simple to change, just decide. Simple? Yes. Easy?  Not hardly.

I needed to renew my thoughts and kick out the ones that had taken up residency in my mind.

I had mentored people through these type of situations a million times, however being a person who was naturally bubbly and happy, I could not recall a time when I had this level of thinking to correct. Up until that season, I had never allowed my situation and circumstance to dictate how I felt for any extended period of time.  The longer I sat in the stinking thinking the harder it was to reshape my thinking.

I had settled into a rut and the time had come to declare ENOUGH, NO MORE.  It’s time to CLAP and BE HAPPY.

The following is what turned things around for me in that season where I was really stuck and keeps me from getting stuck in a rut today.  When I remember to CLAP (Create, Learn, Act, and Prepare) I AM HAPPY.

Create a Compelling Vision of What I Really Want.

“Without vision, people perish” King Solomon

I found had lost focus on what I wanted most from my life.  I had picked up the world around me and was trying to live from it.  It was out of harmony with who I was created to be.  I had lost myself and when I reached this place of UNHAPPY, I realized I had traded my life for someone else’s picture of perfect, not mine.

I started writing a detailed description of what I wanted, who I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel.  I detailed the kind of people I wanted in my life, how I wanted to serve them and how my life would serve as an example to those I love most.

Each year I update this vision because I have discovered as I learn and grow so does my vision.  My thinking expands which brings MY Vision into greater clarity.

Learn where I am out of alignment with BEing the person I aspire to Be, the one in the vision.

Each day I envision my perfect life, I think about who I needed to BE TODAY and what I need to DO TODAY to move closer to the life I envision.  This time of contemplation is intentional and priceless. It is a time I get real about the gap between what I want and who I am really showing up as.  As I envision my ideal life, my less than ideal BEING is revealed to me. I am grateful for the spotlight, even though there are times it stings a bit.  I learn what to change next and I know as I change more will be revealed to change.   I treasure the revealing of my blind spots because I want my IDEAL LIFE more.

It is also a time where I learn new ideas. I discover alternative paths and the next best step to take.  I learn to adjust my plans for today.

Act with my best on what I can DO TODAY.  Change is inevitable and today I focus on being the best ME I know to BE today.   As I develop discipline in doing all I can do today, I rebuild my confidence because I know I am making progress even if there is no evidence today in the physical world.  My spirit knows and I am compelled to keep on acting in faith that it will show up in the natural.

As I become disciplined in living what mattered most to me, I started liking me more and I let go of trying to be the person others designed for me.  My thinking is renewed and I refuse to conform to the norm.

I become Happy because I was in MY living room, the room I created with NO ROOF.

Prepare a heart of gratitude at the beginning of the day, during the day, and at the end of the day.  I find my faith grow as I live from my vision, fully present in my tasks of my today,

As I create the discipline of Envisioning, Learning to elevate my THINKing and live with a spirit of gratitude, I have found I have become a person who lives to be Happy.  Happy in today, excited for tomorrow, and confident knowing someday I will look back at my life and know – I gave it my best, I made great progress, and my life inspired others to do the same.

As Abraham Lincoln once said,

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

I have made up my mind to THINK HAPPY, so I am HAPPY and DO LIFE HAPPY.

What thoughts are you making in your mind today?