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If we need coaches in sporting events – isn’t it more important that we have a coach in this thing called LIFE?  Michael Jordan was always a champion player but he didn’t win a championship until Phil Jackson showed up in his life.

Are you ready to go from:

  • Wanting to change to actually changing?
  • Envisioning your goal to actually achieving it?
  • Being the person you are right now to becoming the person you want to be?
  • Breaking through your ‘Immunity to Change’ to experiencing the real Freedom to do, be or have anything you want?

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Ask yourself:

If no change were necessary to achieve a better life for yourself, wouldn’t you already be there?

Why are you procrastinating and just ‘earning a living’ instead of doing what speaks to your heart?



The EDGE – Life Without Limits

Changing your Future Today

5 Week Online Course and Group Coaching Program – 4 Strategies for Living the Life you Envision in your mind.

Chris spent decades and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars being mentored by the masters. As she listened, she learned, as she applied to her own life she experienced change, as she teaches everyone grows.

Imagine hearing first hand the wisdom she gained from her favorite teachers and mentors John C. Maxwell, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Anthony Robbins, Keith A Craft, Paul Martinelli and from the legendary works of Wallace Wattles, James Allen, Napoleon Hill…

In this 5 week program Chris shares from her personal experiences, her observations coaching others, and provides you with practical tips for applying these 4 key strategies to your life.

You will receive :

Receive access to new video training, worksheets and practical steps for applying these principles to you life each week.

Access to a closed Facebook group to share your challenges, discoveries, and questions with other passionate leaders seeking to expand their influence through personal growth.

GROUP COACHING: 3 Live 1 hour group calls with Chris to deepen your understanding and celebrate your wins.  Weeks 1, 3, and 5  These calls will be held via ZOOM and the recordings hosted along with your course materials


ENVISION IT. An accelerated learning experience designed to unlock your future with practical tips starting with day one.

This is a new program launching in the Fall 2019.

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