“ The unexamined life is not worth living”   Socrates

These words jumped off the page when I read Think for a Change by John C. Maxwell for the first time 11 years ago.  The more thought about these words the more I realized I may think strategically and of endless possibilities, however the Reflective thinking I had left to chance. Like most people, I rarely stopped long enough to reflect.  I was running at such a pace, I wondered who has time to think? I’m too busy.

Now 11 years later I find my heart filled with gratitude that John had written his book Think for a Change.  He even condensed it for all of us really busy people How Successful People Think.

The gifts of reflective thinking have been so great for me (birth of my vision, my purpose, my core values, my relationships, my finances, my persistence, my growth,…) that I now make it a daily habit. For weeks like this past week when I am immersed in an incredible learning environment for six days I dedicate an entire day to reflective thinking. Yes, the entire day because I have learned that a day devoted to reflective thinking BEFORE boarding a plane and heading home doubles the value of the experience.   All of the learning nuggets and new ideas just simmer in my mind for hours and then like magic I let go of the old, embrace the new, and reshape my plans. I board the plane holding a clear plan of action with excitement to apply what I learned from the experience.

TODAY was that day and here are some of the Gifts of Reflective Thinking I received

1)   A true perspective – Clarification of the Big Picture

2)    Emotional integrity to my thought life – Rinses out limiting thinking and replaced with empowering actions

3)    Increase confidence in my decision making

4)    Double Down – Amplified a great experience to a valuable experience


Your Challenge if you choose to accept it

  • Decide Your Life is worth examining
  • Dedicate time for Reflective Thinking
  • Isolate yourself from all distractions
  • Ask yourself questions in terms of your values, relationships, experiences, and vision for all areas of your life
  • Journal what you learn
  • Celebrate your investment of time in you – your worth it