HAMMER DOWN – The Final Hours

The journey to this week has been one of the steepest learning curves I have traveled on and a journey I am very familiar with.

Many new challenges to learn with a new team, a new event, a new venue, a new partnership, a new program, and a new me.  I am not who I was before

The familiar journey – the road to success.

The final hours means ONE THING to the way I succeed.

  1. Hammer down – Intense Focus until I cross the finish line.
    1. I say NO to 80% of my typical life in the final hours.
    2. I run hard and only one person is given permission to interrupt me – my assistant.
  1. Intentional interruption – Brief Moments of time to recharge
    1. Work Out – Manage intensity of laser focus
    2. Meals with loved ones
    3. Bits of sleep
  1. EnVISION Success. Breathe it in continually throughout the waking hours
    1. What does it look like
    2. What story will be told by others
    3. How does it feel
    4. How will I celebrate others
    5. Where it will take me next

What do your final hours look like when you are taking a new journey?

 “The road to success is always under construction.”

Arnold Palmer