Identity Theft and Why You Need to Reclaim Your Thoughts Now

The worse thing for a child is to grow up in a home where the parents have given up on their own dreams. As we abandon our dreams our inaction unintentionally tells our children, “what’s the point, your dreams don’t really matter, you’ll see as you grow up”.

“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.”    Carl Jung

You may be saying “ You can be all you want to be”, however when you abandon your own dreams and site the many reasons why YOU CAN’T do what you always dreamed of doing you condition children’s thoughts to limit their future actions.

Think about what has conditioned your thoughts more: The one in hundred who takes action in spite of what is going on around them or the 99 who stop because they were justified to inaction? Who’s thinking have you given your thoughts to?

Deciding to pursue our dreams when everything around us screams against it isn’t easy and yet the future of our children depends on us never giving up.

Nine years ago, I became acutely aware of this reality. I was ‘Road Warrior’ with nearly 3 million air miles yearning to get off the planes. I loved what I did and I missed being who I wanted to be. I had given my identity to my work. My son was graduating from high school and I had a choice to make. Pursue my current career path, executive traveling the world or pursue my dreams of who I wanted to be. I really had no idea how to make the switch and at times it is still intensely challenging. Gratefully I am still on the path living my life as I envision it, not how others think it should be.

Often I trip, sometimes I fall, yes failure is evident and I have discovered none of that matters as much as how many times I keep getting back up, brushing the dirt off and moving forward. My adult children regained hope, seeing life is filled with tests for your dream, not because you can’t have it, rather how badly do you really want it. Tests to shape our character and provide us insight to prepare us for what lies ahead.

I now have grandkids and the intensity of my desires to live the life I have always dreamed of has amplified even more. I am reminded of spirit of a child and who we all are created to be as I watch them run full of joy and intensity, like their lives depend on it. I see them fall, scrap their knees, cry a moment, get a band-aide and then get up running full out as if nothing happened a moment ago.

I watch in awe and ask myself, how did this shift happen? When does a child’s spirit adopt the ways of the world? Why do we let obstacles beat us down, bully our dreams to the point we proclaim, “That’s it, I’m done.” It was when we thought the way others thought around us. We conformed to our situation and allowed our identity to become attached to our circumstances.

“ All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.”     James Allen

When I learned to reclaim my thoughts and sharpen them to be thoughts that served my dreams and reshaped my words to speak as if I already was the person I wanted to become I started to experience the rekindling of the spirit of the child with in me. My dreams came back to life and now they appear in 3D HD.

We are only too old the moment we take our last breath, until that moment, think great thoughts, cherish your dreams, and do at least one thing today to bring them closer to reality inspiring future generations that Dreams matter. Imagine the power of thought on your life and the lives of others starting with today. Go ahead think about it for a moment. What do you need to believe differently to realize your dreams?

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. ”    Napoleon Hill