When is Too Late, Really Too Late?

In the midst of launching a brand new event to an entirely new market we found ourselves experiencing one setback after another. It was like we couldn’t even get out of the gate.

‘Were we even supposed to do this?’ one person asked. Doubt had already set in for him.

For me, it was an absolute yes. I was made for this, lets play big, doubt free or stay home. Playing BIG super charges me, that is until a week or two before the BIG DAY and everything starts to either come together or come unglued.

What I have learned is the state of mind of the Leader is what paints the final picture for the team. It is too late to do anything else when the Leader Decides It’s Too Late.

The Leader blows the final whistle, not the team.

Now ten days before the “BIG” day, I reflected on last nights team call. Had I continued to hold the image of what I had been envisioning for months and encourage others to do the same or was I starting to think it’s too late at 10 days and counting?

I’m sure each of you, like me have created the picture perfect Image of a significant event and even created the perfect plan to fulfill the vision you have painted in your mind, just like I did.

When do you tend you reach for the whistle and declare it’s too late?

Years ago I discovered a very powerful 3 letter word when I was forming a new team and I kept hearing we can’t…. I would smile and say, “I’m sorry I wasn’t asking if we could… I was asking HOW CAN WE?  

Whenever I lead with HOW I get to see brilliant ideas released from the team. Not only does engagement increase, so does team ownership of the VISION.

When is it really too late?

When do YOU pull the plug and make adjustments?

This is the toughest call when it is the first time doing something especially with a brand new team. When I have no personal experience how long something should take or what should work I think about seedtime and harvest. We sow seed and believe in time it will sprout. How long before I should expect to see the sprout break through?

When I clearly don’t know my favorite question to ask is WHO KNOWs and how can they help us?

When I find my WHO KNOWs person questions just flow:

What do I need to do?

How do I best do it?

How long should I expect to wait before changing things?

What obstacles or resistance should I expect?

Who else can help us?What can I do to minimize them?

What is the quickest way to reach you when I’m stuck?

What information do I need to make sure I am prepared to share with you before I call you?

What will stop you from helping me?

Who else can help us?

WHO DO YOU KNOW that can help us?

When do you need to face reality that it is just too late?

We’ve run out of ideas.

We’ve been mentored by the masters. Now what?

Do we face reality?

Facts need to be discussed and yet they are not the truth about what still can be done..

It’s never too late when there is still someone to be served.


‘’The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery