It was December 2013, my husband and I were taking Ava, our 3 year-old granddaughter to her first movie at the theater. As we paid for the tickets, 3D glasses were placed in our hands and my mind immediately shot out, ”This is going to be interesting. I had no idea we were going to a 3D HD movie. Sitting still for the entire movie was the only concern I had for a 3 year-old and now 3D glasses, what were we thinking?”

As the first scene rolled Ava was drawn in AND now 6 months / 30+ DVD viewings later, on any given day our granddaughter can be found dancing around the house in her Anna dress, with her hair braided like Elsa, all while raising her arms as if she is creating the magical ice castle and singing LET IT GO. She sings with bold confidence, free to just BE all she imagines.

The movie FROZEN has truly captured her hearts and minds of millions, including mine.

Frozen, is the highest grossing animated film ever. With over $1.2 Billion in World Wide revenue ($400 M in US and Canada), it was translated and dubbed in 41 languages compared to Lion King, which was released in only 15. On the 1st day of the DVD / Blue-ray release 3.2 Million units were sold and we are ready for a second one, given how many times it has been played in our house.

What was different about this movie?

Yes the directors and creators brought the best of the best together and yet something magical happened that even they can’t explain even with the right mix of

  1. Characters people could relate to
  2. Songs that are strong and memorable
  3. Two flawed lead characters that get themselves into trouble and no traditional evil villain.

Chris Buck, director of FROZEN says it best,

“It blows me away what people are getting out of it.”

It is a movie that everyone in the audience can get something out of given their own life experiences. It wasn’t just entertainment, it connected to the hearts and the minds of the audience, young and old, across the cultures of the world.

True confession, I was compelled to watch FROZEN one evening all by myself, with the intent to really listen to the words, the story line, the music. This act in itself is unusual because I don’t watch TV, and I rarely watch a movie more than once.

Before I knew it tears were rolling down my cheeks, and then I was cracking up laughing. I had ridden the roller coaster of my life as I watched this movie I relived the

  • pain of losing a loved one who really knew and understood me.
  • sense being lost in large family compelled to do something radical to be noticed.
  • season where life had been a series of doors shut in my face and I was looking to find an open door, a place, my place to fit in.
  • friends who are fun who lighten up any day.
  • desire I have had to help someone I cared about deeply and not really knowing how to best help them.
  • desires I have to know I am loved even when my imperfections are revealed.
  • once thinking my gifts and talents were a weakness because I was wired so different.
  • pressure I felt to Be Perfect and how I attempted to conceal the storm inside my life.

Wow, this brilliantly creative animation film brought to light what can happen to our greatness if we choose NOT TO LET IT GO.


It is teaching our children the power of treasuring whom God created each of them to be, that the greatest gift is true love for others and not just in romance. It also reminded me of these  4 Steps to Freedom.

  1. DECIDE to take a stand, to be YOUR BEST YOU. The world’s ideal picture of perfection is gone.
  1. CHOOSE ALIGNMENTS wisely – Create your own FAMILY of CHOICE. Hang with only those who bring out your best, love you with your imperfections, and inspire you to develop your best YOU.
  1. SAY GOOD BYE forever to the pain (and success) of the past. There is more waiting to be created through you, don’t let your fears and fame hold you back from BEing all you were created to be.
  1. IT’S TIME TODAY to see what all you can do.  Don’t waste another day. Bet on YOU.   Start with at least 30 minutes a day and be in awe of what more is ready to be released through you.  SEE WHAT ALL YOU CAN DO.  LET IT GO !!!