ME, ME, ME, What Ever Happened to the Gift of ‘I’?

Which is correct?

ME and Dad played ball OR Dad and I played ball?

ME and my kids are going to the movies OR My kids and I are going to the Movies?

ME and partner launched a new breakthrough product OR My partner and I launched a new breakthrough product?


Technically if it is the subject (the person doing the action) in the sentence “I” is correct.

Does it really matter?

The past few months I have become very aware of how our society has fully embraced the ME, ME, ME in all we say.  It used to be just the young children who said ME and …’ and eventually they were redirected to speak with the other person first and then use ‘I’.

My curiosity peaked because grammar has never been a real interest or strength of mine. Why I was even noticing the increase of using ‘ME’ first?  Why do I care? Why am I even tuning into this little two letter word so much?

A mentor of mine, once said, ‘That which frustrates you is often a reflection of what you are doing or not doing yourself.’

As that thought entered my mind, I shifted my curiosity from I wonder why they … to ‘ME’

“Am I becoming so aware of the use of ME, because I am too focused on ‘ME’ right now? “

Ouch, that question stung a bit.

As I thought about that spontaneous question I said to myself, “At least I don’t say ‘ME’ first. “

Nice try deflecting this one, you think?


Am I living a ‘ME’ first life?  I am working really heard to help others.  This isn’t about ‘ME’ or is it?

Am I seeing everything through just my eyes lately instead of considering the perspective of others?

Am I directing my thoughts and actions purely on what I want even when I asked others?

Am I ‘DOING’, more than ‘RELATING’, even thought my pure intent is to serve others?

Now this last question hit home for me.  The past few months I had been in a mode of developing a writing discipline.  I had decided to isolate Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to only writing and creating content, no meetings or phone calls. In other words I had shifted all of my ‘RELATING’ to the end of the week.

This shift helped me incorporate a couple of new daily disciplines however it got me out of my effective rhythm and pulled me into a world of isolation.  I was socially networked, working from home, isolated from the world close outside.

I guess there was a message for ‘ME’ in this after all AND…

Is that what happened, causing a shift to ‘ME’ and …  instead of … and ‘I’.  It’s no doubt we have become a highly networked world sharing more about ‘ME’ instead of about others.  Everyone tells their own story.

Who is this story really about and for what purpose?  ‘ME’ and….   Or … and ‘I’

 The Gift of ‘I’ :  4 Things to THINK about

  1. Whoever is first in the story, receives the most attention.
  1. When we put the other person first we draw attention to them.  We turn the listeners eyes to them, we turn their thinking to them, we give them the platform, we lift them up
  1. We give them credibility by implying we were there with them so this story I am telling you about them is for real.
  1. We give them the gift of respect and honor by placing them first in our story.
Who do you want remembered most in the story?
Give the gift of respect and honor by relating to others first before anything else.