Who are the ONEs you can go farther with?



I am fascinated with the word ONE.   I see it as a word of individuality AND a word of unity. A word that may appear small  or even large – ONE person in ONE world. It is a matter of perspective, not a matter of making a difference.

In June, I had the privilege of going to Guatemala with John C. Maxwell.  I am ONE person with a BIG VISION.  In Guatemala we came together as ONE, we aligned as ONE. We served as ONE and together we were able to have a unique experience of impacting ONE person at a time, ONE organization at a time, ONE country at a time all for ONE cause, Transformational Leadership.  There is tremendous power in ONE and it all begins with you, ONE very unique person, created to make a difference only you can make.

 “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with others”    

John’s closing quote on this Minute with Maxwell :  go to      http://johnmaxwellteam.com/one/

to listen and learn more about being aligned with others who want to add value to people who add value to people.

WHO are you intentionally choosing to align your ONEness with?

Live in awe of ONE!







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