What Price Are You Willing to Pay?

I  spent an amazing 3 hours with a young woman passionate about making a difference in her family and for her passionate cause. As I looked into her eyes I could see how tired she was, how she was hanging on tight to do her absolute best. I could see a person wondering, is it all worth it? Am I paying too high of a price for my vision?

Only she knows the price she is willing to pay. Only she knows how much she burning desire she really has to passionately make a difference.

I thought about the limits we often place on ourselves and yet once again we are able to reach deep inside for another ounce of energy, just enough to hang on tight for at least another day.

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half with a relentless business owner, tirelessly pursuing the vision placed on his heart 25 years ago. He declares he is growing weary, ready to turn his operations of his companies over the right person. He thinks he is ready to retire from the grind of the day to day. I wonder what will he do.

I wondered what price had he paid to reach this point in his life? I had no doubt he would always remain passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and I wondered what would he do after 25 years of such an intense pursuit.

Only he knows the price he is willing to continue paying. Only he knows how much longer he will remain in relentless pursuit of his dream, his burning desire to make a difference.

What cost are you willing to pay for your goals and Vision or Dream?

Can you already identify some of the costs you have paid toward achieving your goals and dreams?

Have you already considered the price you are willing to pay as well as the cost you are not willing to pay?

How will the price you are willing to pay impact your family, your health and your core values?

“All dreams are outside our comfort zone.

Leaving that zone is the price we must pay to achieve them.”

John C. Maxwell

I discovered I paid way more than I ever intended for my dream and I am not done yet. I also realized I needed to raise my commitment to my vision because I am not going to make the price paid to date irrelevant.

I have learned the following prices are ones you MUST be willing to pay in order to achieve your vision and goals.

  1. Price of overcoming your fears.
  2. Price of dealing with criticism from people who matter to you.
  3. Price of hard work.

What are the non-negotiables of your life?

What price are YOU NOT WILLING to PAY?