Reset to $0 – Breaking Free From Success to Significance

Often I hear people who are stuck in their limiting beliefs of lack.

I don’t have the time, money, connections, education…

I don’t know how to …..

I am not….

I am sure you may have caught yourself at least once in your life speaking these very same words.   I know I have on occasion, even when I know those words are not the truth.

One day when I was working with my most challenging client, I discovered lack wasn’t the obstacle rather a life filled with incredible success had her stuck on cruise control.   I wondered, how could someone with a track record of success, with an incredible list of credentials shift to neutral when her entire life was filled with drive and passion?

She had a compelling vision she was passionate about

She had a network of references and support

She had an amazing husband who supported her dreams.

She had some noteworthy success in her new venture.

She was really comfortable in her world and moving forward, however she just ran about ½ speed.

As she listened to her favorite mentor share one of the toughest decisions he had to make: Leaving the comfort of his $350K per year income to pursue his speaking/teaching career (a reset to $0) she had a major shift in her thinking. She realized it wasn’t a matter of would he be successful, his life spoke to a great track record of success and the great news is successful people know:

  • they have succeeded therefor they believe in their skills and talents (past)
  • they are confident they can succeed (present)
  • they will succeed (future)

The real decision was would he reset his income to $0 and build again or would he stay where he had grown comfortable? His life was after all much better than he had ever imagined growing up.

As she heard him share the story how he chose to reset to $0 and has since made millions a year even on occasion made in one day what he used to make in a year, she heard the following:

1.   He is living his purpose.

2.    He lives each day on purpose.

3.    He is compensated beyond what he could have imagined at the time he made the decision to be true to his life purpose.

4.    His life inspires others to live with purpose. In fact they thirst this unquenchable thirst to live and be more when they are around him.

The missing link for her was revealed. She wanted what was behind door number 4).  She wanted to leave an enduring legacy inspiring others to do the same. It was through her mentor she experienced and observed this unquenchable thirst to live and be more. She realized if she remained in the comfort of her world, her legacy would read:

“Stuck in the comfort of my world, missing out on God’s greatness within.”

Her previous successes were holding her back from achieving more success.

  • She had become an executive and a successful business consultant who traveled the world
  • She made more money a year than she ever imagined growing up
  • She held many positions of influence in ‘her world’
  • She was popular and highly favored in her current world

If she chose to spend her second half on cruise control her life message would imply there was NO MORE GREATNESS inside her to GIVE to the WORLD.

She could envision her children and those she influenced starting to imitate her behavior.

She didn’t want her legacy to be: “It’s OK to settle short of what you were created to be.”

It was time to create a new success. She knew is was critical to reset her track record. She has discovered the fire that really motivated her: the kind of influence she wanted to have and the expanded world she wanted to have that influence in.

  1. She had traveled for years earning over 3 M air miles and connecting to the global business world
  2. She had chosen to focus on what mattered most to have a greater influence within the comfort of her home, an overdue season to reconnect with her family and her friends.
  3. Now with a stronger core she has realized her adult children needed a role model of relentless pursuit. A role model who intentionally chose to live their purpose, getting up after each and every failure, believing dreams are to be lived from, not something resident only in the mind of a child.

 “The dreamers are the saviors of the world.”   James Allen

This most challenging client of mine, is ME. I am the most stubborn person I lead and I know when I get stuck I am not the only one who gets stuck, everyone around me gets stuck with ME.

From the wisdom of Marshall Goldsmith in his book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”

“If you can’t identify what matters to you, you won’t know when it’s being threatened. People change when what they truly value is threatened.   It’s our nature.”

Inspiring my adult children to never give up, to be all GOD created them to be was what I viewed was being threatened if I chose to live the rest of my life on cruise control.

Never in my entire life do I recall the fight to control and redirect my thoughts more challenging than when I chose to reset to zero in my fifties. I went from employee to entrepreneur and had dialed down my income and my expenses in preparation for the ZERO RESET.

I have never been one to share a lot about my accomplishments and I find myself even less vocal about my new successes.  I caught myself comparing them to my past. In my mind they appeared small and insignificant, HOWEVER given the direction they are moving me towards, they are significant because they have moved me way past the $0 reset.

My past successes can give me confidence as I walk through a door and resetting to $0 was necessary for me to amplify my drive to leave an empowering and enduring legacy.

There is nothing more fulfilling than living life on purpose knowing someday my grandchildren will be telling their friends when they are forty how my life inspires them to keep living in relentless pursuit of all GOD created them to be.

Thank you for allowing me to share my learning journey: “Reset to Zero” with you.

Breaking Free from Success to Significance.