See a ‘10’, Be a ‘10’

Communications is by far the greatest barrier to achieving results for both people and organizations.   Missed communications, minimal communications, and even over communication are at the center of most all performance gaps I have helped close.

‘The single biggest problem with communication

is the illusion it has taken place.’

George Bernard Shaw

Married couples, parents and kids, co-workers, clients, service providers, business owners, employees, students and communities are begging for better communications.

With all of our technology, have we complicated communications, simplified it, or merely created an illusion of it?

I find it intriguing to see text and emails go back and forth when all one needs to do is pick up the phone and clarity comes in just a few minutes. They are talking, yet no connecting is happening.

The next time your in a restaurant observe the number of people who are sitting together yet not even talking.   Perhaps breathing in the same space is now communications.

I sense frustration when people feel disconnected. They feel as if their time is wasted and their flow of productivity is interrupted for not good reason. Unresolved, disconnection can lead to people feeling under valued or unappreciated. Eventually they will go elsewhere to connect.

In John Maxwell’s book Everyone Communicates Few Connect he wrote that he knows he has connected, thus effectively communicated one on one, with a group, or an audience when he senses:

  • Extra Effort – people go the extra mile
  • Unsolicited Appreciation – they say positive things
  • Unguarded Openness – they demonstrate trust
  • Increased Communication – they express themselves more readily
  • Enjoyable Experiences – they feel good about what they are doing.
  • Emotional Bondedness – they display a connection on an emotional level
  • Positive Energy – their emotional “batteries” are charged by being together
  • Growing Synergy – their effectiveness is greater than the sum of the contributions.
  • Unconditional Love – they are accepting without reservation.

I wonder what is the root all of the missed communications?

Time? Value? Energy? Desire? Ability? What do you think?

In my journey of studying master communicators and having a deep desire to better connect to all people from all ages, cultures, and backgrounds I found effective communication starts FIRST with SEEing VALUE in the OTHER PERSON.

  1. SEE them as a ‘10’ and  become curious about what they are a ‘10’ at.
  2. Strive to BE a ‘10’ so others will want to connect with me.

High achievers, true leaders are highly connected people.

They care about people as well as profits.

They view others optimistically no matter what their position is.

They seek advice from others, including those who report to them.

They are masters at listening to everyone.

SEE a ‘10” BE a ‘10’ and watch your results soar.

“Effective communication is 20% what you know and

80% how you feel about what you know.”

Jim Rohn