The Gift of A 3-Day Weekend

Have you ever wondered what shifts in your thinking as you approach a long weekend?  I have noticed behavior changes as people prepared to unplug from their routine for three days.  Some work more, some less, some play more, others get together with people to celebrate, and others just do something different from their typical 2 day weekend.

I realized I am more apt to totally unplug from work even emails when there is a 3-day weekend.   When I realized one more day off actually inspired me to take 80 % of the entire weekend off, I started wondering why I didn’t take 80% of every weekend off and treat it as sacred as a 3-day weekend.

I discovered I thought differently prior to a 3-day versus a 2-day weekend.  My thinking rolled down the following path:

  1. I was driven to wrap up mini projects before the weekend because next week was only a 4-day workweek.

  2. I kept a list of the 10 weeks of projects I was going to do given this extra long weekend. LOL like I was really going to get them all done in one day.

  3. I assumed everyone’s schedule was more flexible because at least one of the days was already interrupted by the mere fact offices were closed.

  4. I assumed those I interact with were taking off and I wanted them to relax and have fun, take a break.

  5. I realized some of my favorite childhood memories were from 3-day weekends and I wanted to created great memories for my children and grandkids this weekend.

  6. 3-Day weekends are few and far between so I need to intentionally enjoy them when they come.

  7. I started thinking about the people I would get to spend quality time with.

  8. I started thinking about nothing by day 3 and honing in on just being with those in my home.  Less DOing and way more intentionally BEing.

  9. I started thinking about my thoughts when I don’t take a break on a 2 Day weekend.

  10. I started thinking strategically and what I can intentionally do for those I do life with moving forward and not just on a 3-day weekend.


As my thoughts took this journey I discovered a precious GIFT,  The Gift of the 3-Day weekend.  

A GIFT of increased awareness that I need to up my game by being more intentional with those I choose to do life with.


What treasure did you discover this past 3-Day Weekend?

“The price of anything is the amount of life that is exchanged for it.”

Henry David Thoreau