The Gift of Patience

I have to admit the day God was handing out patience, I was already off and running. I spent my entire career developing patience. Patience with people, patience with myself, patience with the process and then one day my manager told me I had too much patience and I needed to have a shorter fuse.

Really? I thought he was kidding only to find out he didn’t think my laughter was too funny. He was serious and I was confused.

How much patience is enough, how much is too little? Have Patience, Don’t have patience. Faster isn’t always better, ask the parents of a preemie.

We live in a world of instant. Instant gratification, instant messaging, instant rebates, instant feedback via social media, instagrams, and instant answers via Google. Faster, Faster, Faster.

I soon came to realize the world of instant had drained my ability to be patient.

I was loosing

Patience with myself, my own progress on my goals.

Patience with others, and their performance.

Patience with getting answers

Patience with getting results

Patience with my family.


It was time to say ENOUGH.

GREAT THINGs worth having take extreme PATIENCE  and I needed PATIENCE NOW.


“Patience is that faculty inherent in the human soul which enables

the individual to accomplish his mission without allowing himself to be diverted from

his purpose by the obstacles that could obstruct his path of progression.

Patience strengthens the will and fortifies

the intellect against the discouragements of life.”

Dr. Thurman Fleet

When was the last time you just said ENOUGH and traded INSTANT in for PATIENCE?

How would yesterday have turned out differently if you had been more patient?

I have along way to go however this I have learned about the GIFT of PATIENCE .

  • Patience comes in all different shapes and sizes. Spurts and Large doses.
  • Always keep moving forward knowing there is more than one obstacle ahead that will slow you down
  • There is more than one way around that obstacle when it appears.
  • PATIENCE rests on faith in ourselves, others, and in GOD, the Grand Overall Designer.

‘Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.’

John Quincy Adams