What Do You Do When Truth Hits You Between the Eyes?

“ Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; therefore remain bound.”  James Allen


Have you ever had a week so jammed packed that you wanted to just clear the entire calendar and declare a national holiday? This was one of those weeks for me. All of a sudden what seemed important when I scheduled it, lost a great deal its appeal today. How could that be?

Note to Self: Am I walking my talk? Am I living in alignment with what I say I want?  Check my allocation of time with respect to my core values to ensure alignment. Adjust if they are skewed.

I love to learn and I want others to learn and grow as well.  Three to four times a year I intentionally uproot myself from my “normal life” and insert myself into new learning experiences. For some unexplained reason 3 key learning events all hit in this one week.   The great news was there was not a schedule conflict so I said ‘YES’ to all three: 1) Spiritual 2) Business, and a 3) School Board Training Requirement.

Note to Self:  Did I let good ideas rob the best ideas? Learning occurs before, during and after an event with 80% outside the event. Allocate time before for preparation, and afterwards for reflection, planning and execution of a few best applications.

Today, as I sat down, I observed two kinds of people in the room.  1) Those passionate about the subject of financials for public schools and 2) those clocking away precious time to gain a class credit because of their role.  UGH !!! I knew I was walking in as a 2). The last thing I desired was to sit in a room for 5 hours listening to educational legislation updates. It was mind-boggling how people could spend a couple of years debating a few words in the State Constitution meanwhile kids are still stuck in schools where they are taught to find answers outside their mind instead of learning to creatively think.

Note to Self:  What purpose did I attach to each learning experience before I signed up?  Decide before you go or don’t go your time is too precious. Decide NOW if you are already in it.

I made a shift in my thinking and decided I had to gain from the experience not just because I chose to be there, because that is who I am.  Although my primary purpose was to gain the 5 CEU hours, I decided to be interested in the subject, at least for these 5 hours.  Once I decided. I became more curious which helped fuel my learning.  My mind was opening.

As I heard about the financial system within the education system and the litigations centered around a few words like knowledge disbursement and duty, equal standards and then I realized a huge gap that can’t be solved by throwing more money at it because it’s a thinking problem, not a money problem.

Note to Self:  By deciding to learn from every situation I learned in unexpected ways, my passion was fueled and truth is eventually revealed, It’s always the thinking that has to change first.

What thinking has you bound to your circumstances? 

What thinking shift will best lift you out of your current circumstances and closer to what you really desire?

“Elevate your thinking, elevate your life.” Keith A Craft.