When TODAY is All I GOT .

The squeeze had started and I was feeling the pressure, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Projects incomplete with deadlines rapidly approaching, new ideas for growing my business exploding in my mind, significant life events: weddings, graduations, birth of new kids, and x0th wedding anniversaries popping up on my calendar.   How could I possibly say NO? They were after all incredibly important – all #1

So I chose what any loving friend, parent, child, executive, and ‘NO EXCUSES – Make It Happen’ person would do, I said ‘NO’ to sleep, workouts, and ME.

Does this sound familiar? If you are like most of the executives and business owners I work with, you know this is the way it is, RIGHT?

 Today I can say I get to this point less often. Not because I have less that I could or even should do, because I didn’t like the person I was showing up as at these events. I was there in body, yet my mind was always somewhere else.

 One day as I was looking at pictures of past event I had attended, I realized, I was not in a single candid picture. It was like I was invisible in the activities of the day. Hundreds of pictures taken and where was I? Ah finally, I was in a posed, staged shot. Present or perhaps not.

 It was in that moment that I realized I could continue going through life checking the boxes or I could intentionally say NO to really important things so I fully LIVED ‘YES’ in what I chose.

My new promise, which I am getting better at and still have an occasional relapse, is



The following renewed thinking helped me shift from being EVERYWHERE WITH NO ONE to being FULLY PRESENT with the ONEs I’m with:

  1. The person in front of me or on the phone is the only person that matters right now. If I don’t treat them as if they are the most important person at this moment in my day then I shouldn’t have said YES to them in the first place.

Treasure the GIFT of the PRESENT.

  1. Those who have experienced my GIFT of the PRESENT, don’t expect me to pick up the phone or reply to a text when I am with someone else.

They know I respond when I can give them my undivided attention and that is what they really want is all of my mind, not just the perception of being connected.

“Yesterday is history,

tomorrow is a mystery,

today is God’s gift,

that’s why we call it the present.”

Joan Rivers

  1. I realized there are very few emergencies that I CAN really help with immediately and those are the usually the ones that take place right where I am.

True emergencies require immediate action by people who can bring aid the quickest. I used to get emergency calls when I was halfway across the country. For that season I lived in fear of getting another one of those calls because I knew I couldn’t get home fast enough to help and I had chosen to be gone. After receiving one of those calls I would agonize because I was somewhere else AND I couldn’t get home fast enough to help. It was in this season that I realized I needed a personal backup plan like I had in place at work. Once we, my family and I, defined a personal backup plan and a communication process as a part of that plan I realized I had choices to make. I either needed to choose different places to be or I needed to chose to be fully present where I was and relax with the plan. THE REALITY sunk in: I CAN”T BE TWO PLACES AT ONCE so WHY keep trying.


Thinking in the PRESENT of TODAY:

  • I can only be PRESENT one place, the place I CHOSE to BE right now.
  • I Bring my best wherever I AM and believe others are doing the same where I AM NOT- relax and enjoy now.
  • I had to be OK not being the one always HELPING. I choose to believe others are perfectly capable of being the Knight in Shining Armor or at least this will help us see where they need to learn and grow.
  • PEOPLE don’t remember what you do – they remember how special you made them feel. One’s undivided attention is a rare gift that everyone, rich or poor can give abundantly to others.
  • I lay my head on my pillow and rinse the day. When I mess up, and I will, I decide what I will do better tomorrow and then I let it go. I pray for the GIFT of being fully PRESENT another day. I SLEEP peacefully knowing I gave my best today and I will do better tomorrow with the gift of a new day.

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.’     Mahatma Gandhi


What will you say ‘NO’ to today to LIVE your ‘YES’ fully present?