Would the world be better if you lived your VISION?

Paul, Mentor & Friends

Paul, Mentor & Friends

One of my goals is to be personally mentored by the MASTERs and Paul Martinelli is truly a Master of living the life he envisions.   I had the honor and privilege of working with Paul 1 on 1 and being immersed in his world with he and his lovely Bride, Kelly.  Yes he rattled my brain, he expanded my thinking, and like a true master he treasured the gift GOD created in me.  If was evident his only goal for 2 1/2 days was to help equip me to better articulate the life I desire and to fuel the passion to live the life I envisioned no matter what. Living my purpose is a non-negotiable.  

Paul is gifted teaching in front of an audience of thousands, a master mentoring 1 on 1, and a treasure when he thinks with you, not for you, however the TRUE secret to his effectiveness is who he is, no matter who he is with speaks louder than all the words he could ever speak or write.   When we walk our talk the VOLUME of our words is like a global intercom.

Master your walk and your words will inspire others master theirs.  

Thank you Paul for inspiring me to live from my deepest DE-SIREs, not out of obligation; to trust my desires and honor who God created me to be.




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